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With a heavy heart with profound gratitude I will suspend my campaign for president thanks for all of our correspondent M. J. Lee reports holy on Castro withdrew this morning in some ways maybe not surprising because this is a candidate who despite his efforts was never able to really break through the very large democratic field I even though he had some memorable moments a particularly on the issue of immigration which was one of the issues that he was most passionate about the family of a seventy two year old man wounded in last week's knife attack at a Hanukkah celebration remains in critical condition Mickey Cohen says her father's doctors are not optimistic about his recovery the prognosis right now is that he'd be the main effort is first speak again wake up or walk or they just don't have hope as a family we do have whole the state of North Carolina says it secured an agreement with Duke energy to excavate nearly eighty million tons of coal ash at six facilities in twenty fifteen do pleaded guilty to federal crimes related to toxic waste and water supplies I'm Evan Hanneke it's time to check the roads in that Kate on traffic center this report sponsored by a Lowe's police activity on the ninety five north bound north of eastern in the final clearing stage there is still residual slowing from about say hair or just past boulder highway ninety five north bound but that should clear here before too long also hit run accident investigation underway Las Vegas Boulevard at the two fifteen watch for slowing debris on the two fifteen westbound at rainbow Boulevard watch.

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