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That's the cowboy pain and then on top of it all they could go three of thirteen or five and eleven of fourtruck you know we won't be i will be a real one izetbegovic's you're right this is what they do every year they never take a moment to wallow in their own each they make me sick to no end but i'm a fairminded individual i believe in fairness and i cannot deny the greatness of owner jerry jones to buy this team in 1980 now for one hundred forty million dollars for them to presently be worth four point twenty eight billion to sit up their efforts still a taped television deal that ultimately was reached between nfl and a networks that air it's gay to be involved the collective bargaining negotiations in a manner that which he was way he helped secure core certainty with an unprecedented 10year agreement with the players association tough fight legally against the very very league that he helped represents international football league to make sure that his rights were separate and apart at least to some degree from the rest of the teams and to succeed in doing so thereby ensuring that he would make more money that practically all relive early anybody else in the nfl is pure genius the fact that they haven't won a super bowl championship that they've been a model of ineptitude for so many years and all of those things that come with it yes i get on them about that.

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