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The fires in the Amazon in tonight's I on earth rainforest tribesmen tell Manuel ballpark as they saw this man made disaster coming while humans are largely to blame for destruction of the rain forest it's humans who have managed to maintain the healthiest parts to people like the young one hour whose chief Tasha Yar when I was spoke with us today so dry season they're always fires but this year is going to get on the glass the result he says of the kind of deforestation that has threatened the centuries old yeah when our way of life is that a single to all of us need to be responsive economically environmentally culturally because all the allies the human being is going to suck the like a dinosaurs but Brazil is at a crossroads after working to curb deforestation it is once again on the rise not a coincidence say critics of president chairperson auto who promotes open development sciences foster brown has worked in northwest Brazil for thirty years I've heard some people say other countries can do whatever they want with their forests why are you telling us we can't but I would say that the issue is why is in the U. S. working on reducing drastically its emissions of CO two he says regeneration of parts of the Amazon that have been eaten away over the decades is possible but so is losing the Amazon altogether meanwhile the Hork as a CBS news Rio Branco Brazil an indictment filed today in Silicon Valley reads like a Cold War spy thriller a former star engineer at Google is accused of acting as a secret agent for over in a high stakes tech war Jamie you guys has the story Anthony eleven down ski faces ten years in prison and fines of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per account there are thirty three counts of allegedly taking top secret trade technology used to design and test Google self driving way mo fleet and providing it to rival uber all of us generally speaking are free to move from job to job but we cannot do is stuff our pockets on the way out the door in Silicon Valley the race for self driving cars all the Titans against each other apple against Google against Tesla against uber the company with the best technology will win big in a civil suit last year uber agreed to pay weigh about two hundred and forty five million dollars to settle the dispute over the technology but the federal judge overseeing that case recommended a criminal investigation which ultimately led to the new charges the indictment alleges that before his departure from Google and twenty fifteen living down ski downloaded approximately fourteen thousand files these files contain critical engineering information and later were put on his laptop John over was not named in today's indictment but prosecutors.

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