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Lately. I like like I said I got Lois Lane number. One there was no code the AD appointing they were with air putting out a lot of their books with codes and then they were just like young like number ones and annuals. They were doing the code yeah now. I'm not seeing any kids. It's like you know what they they just. They don't want people that word amount in your book yeah well is that I've been they don't want the word him out and you know it's a shortcut of business model but that that's the story of the you know the short battle where elect about it was other shows in darkness in the very last agent. Is You know <hes> the Devon and which suggests that there's a ultimate dementia Jimmy Open some Yada Yada Yada as as I said that you know if Redford it open it might well be <hes> Ali game plan <hes> ultraman fell from the Anthony get university and I at the <hes> very unlikely possibility that we might yet up just love right they feel as well the very last panel of that Shush Jimmy Olsen looking at his own article of <unk> at an article sign who kills Jimmy Nelson Sarah. It's a bit confusing <unk> hanging wanting more <hes> yeah I really enjoyed it. Jelly other was really good at Charlie. I was towing ray like <hes> they were teasing Leviathan on the season finale of supergirl girl last season and then they just announced that the guy plays James Olsen is leaving this season like halfway through all he's Leviathan Ryan right but you so much me. Hey quite I and you know are they making with supergirl Hula by as as has been said Leviathan is under the defaulting but again too but I mean if you're if you WANNA go with that alternate rod reality version they cross over this year's crisis on infant earth's because even said they're gonNa have they they announced. I guess a comic con that Brandon Ralph is GonNa play Superman again through that crisis crossover Charlie he's going to be the atom and Superman and they're we're going to bring that other superman two vs superman in there in that crown this year oh what a rotten Ralph in Obermann and it is only ace. I loved Wenham when John Wesley's ship arrived as the Flash Flood Watch that yeah yeah that was so cool I used to watch the ninety and got a rule buzz saying they out was really cool. Oh Yeah Oh yeah so yeah. They're giving US Brandon wral superman in an across over. I can't wait. I can't wait there. crossovers are so good I mean I love this the C._W.. T._V. crossovers. There's more than like old probably most of those most recent I._D._C. Movies like all right yeah yeah pretty low bar. Really I enjoy them. I thought that was pretty. <hes> yeah yeah I haven't Seen Art Art Echelman what we say about the ones that are good good movies or the good for I think he did. I think a bit Bud Sally I think Iran I think goodbyes because into when you like I remain to the authority to that thing the films are your thing that bad marvel to get those are definitely not up to the level that we expect tomorrow yet but at the same time are the thirty bad film I know because I'll watch taking and watching on men to recently. I thought I hide it. A watching it again didn't hide it as much as watching once again. It was actually top daisin. It was good so I don't want the problem. They're fun. Popcorn sound say about you know should Damn Wonder Woman Commander Fun Popcorn so that you go and you see. Maybe one or two more times says it's fun thing to do on Day with I do and D._C.. Has the problem in marvel fees when they want to tell a deeper story I think fees trips overtone trying to Tel Aviv for story and I think marvel somehow when they wanna tell something they deeper than just a fun filled with people. You know impacting punching each other. You know <hes>. They're both pretty good at that but when you went authorities after defeating films are bad phone is just that easy. The film haven't quite figured out how to tell how did how did how did I didn't do melodrama that they're melodramas still coming up more soap op radic than you know Shakespearean Yeah but I hate Charlie Charlie. We're <hes> we're going to the comics. <hes> you know what Ray Ry. That's one of our favorites immortal hall ECON Field Eagle. Has It feels like we're actually reading something very special <unk>. I don't WanNa lock like a sound really but it really is especially with Joe Bennett this issue. The latest issue feel doesn't have John Bennett in it but it's still Khanna carries the story alone authority and this was a good one. This issue for me was actually pretty much the weakest issue in the immortal series is it a bad issue of a whole comic note advantage you at all but it does not it doesn't give me what I was looking or from a from an immortal and then have the late last big reveal now easy vaccination now. It's like a really really that those really really cool well effect the we already go wrong earlier in the issue in that thing issue about why do you want to become the thing we you know and that the quality that make you know and then the whole the whole you know them you know only everyone in the in the <hes> now in of apply you know all that was that was shocking thought like killing won't time yes of course they're they're. They're probably going to be revived somehow but why why being with the needle drain I mean look who look who he kinda killed. Charlie was DOC Samson was sasquatch. We those no have like gamma and what's been given the game of people they come out of the they come back. I'm back all the time yeah yeah. I'm not to worry about Samson but that did cy Walter had his he was free of gamma or whatever so other yeah but in all of them a lot of them are cured by that there by the whole way a couple of years back so yeah yeah very thought very very strong issue again. Not You know degree with each one of the best ones been ripley. I think the one before this was just fantastic in a couple of them before they <hes> but yet if anyone who's listening hasn't picked up immoral. I feel obliged to tell them. Go Out and get get it because it's you'll missing out something very special. They've even had my favorite fixing. That's my favorite hope the cray hall in that everybody in mind if my mind yeah yeah human that human that cheesy mustache I will I will give one that I did like is rock basically important that you know even that when the whole thing seems control or when benedict or whatever yeah dangerous because when we were fighting you know it wasn't it. Wasn't you know it's still just I'm the strongest one there is not on an I._Q.. And always angry little child getting yeah a beautiful really good running informality doing really does stays out a lot of the essence of what I think <hes> thunderball things in the united. Sometimes I guess we think of the Hulk will maybe things thoughts that we know realize we've sort <hes> it's it's really and you know I think he now. I remember when you if ever read the first I the first time we Iraq and Redeemer and by the way I always get annoyed always bring back the redeemer armor. No one ever bring back. The Rock. Act Was the greater weapon that it looks like a potato but it's probably Ali Morbid and that's why I love about Iraq armor. Oh It's like being on rock. It's almost like a Ben Grimsson no but that's what makes Iraq that cool and so if you ever read newer jumping her David Brock Nadeem rates very much this idea looking back on disease characters who hate the whole story is what we got laughed issue with that he sort of Betty story you know over several ways and that we did now unfortunate story over several ways and I wonder like in the third issue. Probably I wonder what we'd get that you know. I'm hoping we get rick guns that you know yeah me too renting Joan the ultimate human and what are you going to think of Gamma flight. Oh unlike those guys I love critic agree on that. I like I totally feel that there's this idea that they wanna get into crutcher. Pressured feels idea that because he is the gorving man he gets the personalities of around him so he gets more and more evil in fact the most evil we've ever seen him when he was in a mental institution. It would use imploring the mind of the evil after her out really wow oh yeah it's a fireman. We've heard all correctly but <hes> you know <hes> I could be run on that but yeah but it's a great absorbing man story three you are or something he's bringing them. He's been around recently Stanley. He was in the Christian would black Bolt Ron which was very good in was written very well in <hes>. He's getting a lot of attention. Yeah I mean I think there's a lot you can do with glory man and I am here for like yeah. We get Jilin out. He's like he's not being a to prevent is really just being a dude his girlfriend and then they gotta be with you know run guy but he's not like plotting anyone death at the moment you know and really. I think that you know <hes> Mary is more more more supervision is one in jeans even and her motivations were always kinda week. Do you know or big quite always G._O._P.. Up One it made her feel weak again when he got up all the time you know so yeah. I think this couple Diane Janus is writing all of that they pretty much just <hes> from school had knox and any nuts have icon of gold. By the crime before previously but now they've been handed quarter NAS little little Joba May navien Krill. Khanna is fascinated have cool. I've got it now. You know based prison. You know what are we doing with. SLEEPIQ hopes <hes> <hes> yeah they've got themselves in position a hope that day more a gamma flight really say more of it doubled these presdent spun that off in the something they were kind of not not deploring remand Titania Blade. I mean the rest of like Kinda with Captain Marvel for Awhile in my current series yeah yeah something came to that or getting like Alpha flight book again or something of an walk again okay <hes>. I don't WanNa hold too long. I know it's late there but <hes> did it. I was GONNA say. Did anybody relocate number one this week. Now I'm sorry could you read who the Ottesen the Roy that <hes> this is wasn't familiar with the credits <hes> he full name here. It's the raiders kibbles Smith third ever kibbles mythical who <hes> and the arts is drawn by Oscar baas Basel Puzzled Dua. I never heard of him. Feel heavy next anyway. You want to say yeah. Okay Okay Yeah. That's fine. I just wanted to ray wanted the fray read it but yeah it was. It was good okay. I'd recommend the yeah is it is one shot or a mini now well. I know there haven't they're gonNA have more issues so I don't know if it's going to be many or an ongoing but yeah 'cause I like issue to it. Looks like the covers looked like he's going to like harass Tony Stark which I can't wait for you. WanNa read it. Let us know Yup and the way I know we've been reading this ray. Have you read there have been reading and this was a really good issue. I don't know if you locked it as well very contained. It was just the Lebron's family against the summer. easies matinee idol gets invited a bit of reveal this woman that he's had a hot school very weird the story yeah yeah well. This is in bubbling for a bit like <hes> but never knew that she was married until this issue and not only that but she's married to married the very end they met on down the first time when he had the Hobo shutting down them up because he is a drinking over a noyer so yeah yeah that was the weird thing about this issue like why would she invite him knowing who is knowing who the family is what she liked trying to get out of that family no she's trying to you know what I on opinion it. I think they have their time if you will when the emotions in high and I think it's like you know what this will get on the I think so I think I think Shelly I think you're absolutely right. I think she did that to get out of at a damn yet I don't. I don't think they're typically. I don't like trying to con from my everything she said before I think she has a decent relationship with her family and then this is gonNA cause the tension at the family family dinner. That's going to get to the next well. She's she showed no care for Matt Murdock. I mean she's actually throwing him into the lion's den out knowing that he was a you know a d.. I previously and that he had some con handling any obviously obviously knows the family very well <hes> is he he tells <hes> <hes> cut remember nine by <unk> battle. The history associated shows very little concern for mass <hes> and auditor with it. I thought okay kid became actually I actually thought gave him buddy actually spells at he. You'll what was it your retail stroke or something retail Creep Yeah Yeah you mistake very friendly surgical said yeah but he got it because he is a creep around he is. He's a little nearly had no infant him. You know what knitting around I think well. That's what I told you. I think a couple issues back..

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