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We've got i know he's been a brown mode since i get. Yeah yeah years ago the ground. Roll this dude all the woes i twenty years old and we're rolling. Yes fun though. Whenever take them down. But i still shooting anyways. Yes he would just laugh. And i'm gonna have fun thing. I'm gonna take down now. We'll go again. Blam walk two nations sixty five so he's heavy. Yeah like at that point one sixty have you. Yeah but then you'd go from me to the other due to me and hetero just sit back and watch them just fucking jangle after triangle trails. I love seen her on multiple fight or two men realize how dude couple practices that came to your guys and stuff watching the way. He was coaching. You in the positions he sees and the way break things down like. he's a very good coach he sees. He's really good. He's got those quick little like dr chokes through showing off the wall and stuff. Stay with me forever. Aso's he's the good thing i like. He's always cooking something new. Yeah it's not like a coach who has a phone. He's like yo dive into foot logs for like you literally will devote three or four years of his life to foot locks. Yes well and then he'll go have this mastered from escaped to sweeps like masters it in a bunch of different things and goes okay. Now i'm going to shoot two arm locks. Yeah now. I'm gonna shoot into taking the back. Now i'm gonna shoot into seems like an aspect of rewards creativity. Yeah bravo and with them. It's like i'm always next them. So even if i don't wanna learn it i'm gonna have to learn anyways because sometimes he's like using footlocker and i'm like okay and then he broke my foot and i'm like fuck. She's full like this works. Do you look for foot locks locked. When when you're really no not really especially with fights i don't think unless you're a ratify luck. Yeah ryan hall. Yeah should be going for logs in anime tight dicey i feel like i should be used as a position put fear into them and use it as a sweep as a reverse here versus trying to get stuck there and finishing. Why you get punched. I've is you're trying to figure it out with leg locks for lock. It's one of those you attack is fast you can get. It used to get back on top wants. You don't get it get out. Get out to run. I use that as a sweep and now get on top of a sweep than it is an actual submission trying to hang out there. What was the guy. frank mir did that against my leg lock. Yeah fragment did against somebody along a brock leser. No somebody else e. e. n. n. Something never no no. No no no freeman. His dad had data die like that weaker. Said he was already in in vegas for the fight so he did the fight and there was able to finish the name. Was frank finish frank. Hamilton hit the to squish demand. And just walk in hammerfest them knocked him out. Yeah this is water if you wanna walk.

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