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Cunningham. The Great American. Tonight begins one of the most exciting ventures in the red season. Reverend Milwaukee tonight Tomorrow Business special on Thursday. Then after that they head out and to Miami would play them for four games in the fish. Think fact the Miami Dolphins are going to be here on Sunday. As the red legs are going to be in Miami playing baseball on Sunday. That's a different issue. Picking up the pieces of all that's been all that is, and all that will be is Mohagher coming up later as Dave Young Warren County commissioner And also Brigitte Gabriel, a good friend of Mo Eggers. But Mohagher, welcome to the Bill Cunningham Show Mo. How are you? I'm great, Willy. How are you? I'm great. I want to kind of go back in time. When we talk about the present, then we go into the future. You can't get to the future and tell you live the present and you can't get to the present until you lived the past. So to get to the future you got to live in the present. Got to remember the past. I tell young Americans You've got to remember yesterday live for today but planned for tomorrow. If we don't playing for tomorrow, and all you do is live for today. You never get to tomorrow. And if you don't live yesterday, you never get to today Which means you never get to tomorrow. You know what I'm saying? No. All right, Let's talk about first of all, what happened? Think about what happened. I mean, you're going through life about 110 Miles an hour. You got to smell the roses this past weekend, where the greatest tent is available in the world. And Mason, where the start of the football high school season which too many is more important than the Reds or the Bangles or FC. We still can't win a game. And so you had a great effort. Deer Park shouldn't be Purcell. Everyone's giving us the analyzation of that. Tony Bender is broken down the tape. Deer Park should have beat Purcell. Do you agree? Uh, no. And we wagered on that game. And so I'll be getting my hot fudge sundae went Secondly, you're at Saint Ex reprising the great regional final with Lakota West, Rocky Boy Woman tells me San X won that game which I really I have to go to San X at some point, Balaban Field never been there. I want to go there. Rocky is going to take me there. You had all of high school. Football happening. You had that you had the Hamilton boys actually getting in that maybe to the quarterfinals, a Little League World series that went on. On top of that You had the tennis happening, which is unbelievable. I had an option, as you know, on Saturday to spend my time with the rich and famous are sent next to you and stack up plastic beer cups. Needless to say, I stayed in Mason. And I watched a little bit of tennis and then here we got the red legs. While that's going on, they sweep the fish. The fish stink, but then they get a day off to get things together. Breakdown. What's going to happen tonight? Breakdown? What happened yesterday and the day before the day before? Break down what's going to happen tomorrow and also on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, break it all down. Well, I think the key to take away from me of everything you just said. And there was a lot is you would rather go to a high school football game with Rocky Boy man into a major league baseball game with me in the in the heat of a pennant race, But but that's okay. That's neither here nor there. Here is what I will tell you. You want to talk about the past. Starting on August 2nd. The Reds went into a stretch between then and Sunday they had 13 games against the Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs and Miami Marlins. Four teams that are unequivocally awful. The Reds 1 10 of those 13 games. How you perform against bad competition is a big deal. Look at the San Diego Padres, in part where they are can be attributed to the fact that when they went to Arizona They lost three out of four to a terrible Diamondbacks team. When they went to Colorado. They got swept against the bad, rocky squad. What has happened in the interim, the Reds have taken care of business for the most part against bad competition. Now it sets him up tonight for I think what really kind of feels like their last gasp but at winning the National League Central and look, these these games are big for the purposes of Of staying in front of San Diego. Every game counts. The margin for error is really small. But if you're going okay, fine. Making the playoffs is one thing. But how about we avoid that wild card round? So you're going to have to win the National League Central and in order to do that, you're going to have to make up 7.5 games over the course of the final 36 that strikes me as a really tough task. If they don't take care of business against Milwaukee, that means win three straight Now. The good news is this. The last time the right here in Milwaukee. What do they do? They won three consecutive games. Yeah, Good, the first game of the four game series, but they've gone to Milwaukee, and they beat Josh Hater in two of those games. The The bad news is you're going to get Corbyn Burns. Tonight was one of the best pitchers in baseball. Shut out the Reds here at Great American Ballpark Right after the All Star break. You're going to get Jake Woodford or Jake Woodruff tomorrow. In all star. You're going to get two of three Milwaukee starters that are absolute studs, but I think we all like the way this red team is playing. Um they're getting very good starting pitching. They're getting competent relief work from some of the guys that David Bell can count on now that he wasn't said he didn't have his disposal early in the season. And while there are some issues offensively where you could say, Well, God, I wish they were getting more offense from third base. I wish they were getting a little bit more production from certain spots on the team. Talked about in this lineup is pretty good. And so I think the Reds team that goes to Milwaukee right now is in better safe than the Reds team that went to Milwaukee right before the All Star break, and that team won three out of four. And of course, the injury to Winker has had no impact because Anna Quinn is probably hitting better than anyone and the Reds. Maybe in all of baseball. You know, you're kind of a poet. I'm kind of a realist. I'm looking at the facts of ESPN, breaking it down. The Reds have a 64% chance of making the playoffs. ST Louis has a 4% chance. San Diego Padres, The religious zealots in San Diego have a 26% chance and so all the Reds need to do. If they win, one out of 32 out of three or 303..

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