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To do so the thing can do could be a jigsaw puzzle and you know I'm also interested in because we have a lot of listeners especially those that might be a little older that live by themselves so if you have any suggestions for things that people could do by themselves other than play solitaire I think a lot of our listeners would benefit from that I can tell you now I have been making prodigious use of the new Amazon fire stick that I got and again not a lover of Amazon but they do have some great stuff so my wife and I watch this week V. woody Allen movie wonder wheel we both really liked it this was a movie that was produced by Amazon but it came out right around the time that Woody Allen was becoming a villain again because of accusations from his daughter and others but it's a really really I thought a really clever picture it really watching it it feels more like you're watching a stage play that M. that a motion picture but Kate Winslet is in it she's terrific Jim Belushi who I gotta tell ya never exactly knock my socks off as an actor he's terrific and Justin Timberlake who I'm convinced is going to go down in history as this generation's Frank Sinatra is phenomenal in the film so that's one of will and it takes place in one of my favorite places Coney Island so you knew I was going to like it so I enjoy that but that got my wife and I on sort of a a Woody Allen kick that were in the midst of what we're quarantines and that's the nice thing about Woody Allen is irrespective of what you think about his personal life they are there are so he said yeah I think it sounded filmmaker and it tell the writer and a great performer but there are so many Woody Allen films there's over prop this is at least sixty two that I've been able to count that I don't think anybody has seen everybody out so even once you think you've seen every Woody Allen film you find that there's one there's one from nineteen ninety one they didn't realize was released because he was coming out with films at a prodigious prodigious rate so we're in a very much a Woody Allen kicks so we watched the curse of the jade scorpion which I can't believe I've never seen and this film wonder wheel is more of a drama the curse of the jade scorpion is a comedy and it's hysterical woody Allen's M. self which is not in wonder wheel he's the male lead Helen hunt is the female lead and it deals with a hypnotist that it's a period piece in the forties and it deals with a hypnotist who hypnotizes two people working in insurance company in order to go out and commit crimes so we did that so yesterday we started a television mini series called crisis in six scenes which was a Woody Allen mini series that debuted only on Amazon video ad we only watch the first two they're only about twenty three minutes each it's interesting I don't love it yet I mean this is also a period piece will probably finish it today I mean this is like twenty minutes apart but it's good but it's not great at least at this point so that's it I also watched Toy Story four because I'm still finishing all my academy award nominated films from last year and this had I believe two nominations it was pretty good yeah I liked it if you enjoy the Toy Story franchise or if you have younger children who enjoy the Toy Story franchise we've if they're not familiar with that I think they'll get a kick out of it it's fun it's fun great music the voice at some great voice acting in there not only is Tom Hanks terrific but you have Mel Brooks in there you have Carl Reiner in there a lot of great voices they recognize which is kind of fun story pretty good similar to the all the other choice during movies to be honest which again can argue with success so I think this will probably be the final Toy Story film and I think that's fine so we'll see the way it ended it should be the last toy story movie but you never know if their heart up then they need to make a billion dollars in a hurry we'll find a way to continue it so that's what I'm watching now in terms of books again he was a guest on the show a month ago and I just recorded a podcast with him but Richard Stratton my friend Richard Stratton his memoir his three part memoir the third part is out now is a must read the first part is called smuggler's blues of all that is life as a marijuana smuggler and on the run from the government the second part is about his time in prison is called king pin and the third one is called in the world from the big house to Hollywood and all three books are just terrific so if you haven't read any of those books yet I do recommend those I'm reading Tom Golisano's book now there's an open interview next week I'm a big admirer of Tom Golisano I support him for governor all three times he ran and I'm looking forward to hopefully interviewing him next week we'll see if that's good will gets disrupted all given everything that's happening but that's all about entrepreneurship but I'm enjoying it not only for the tidbits about business but I'm enjoying it for a school built not born I'm also enjoying it for the addict goes from his own life that's a short book expected finish that in the next day or so so if you have suggestions for why people should be watching for what people should be reading for what people should.

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