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Well turn the calendar to a new month on this friday september first of all we could plenty and i am rachel make male good by august feels good to be knacks he's eyes i've had miranda are floundering to monitor away i was like i don't need that today know we can have a lot of things that we have to overcome today but we continue to move in the right direction today a lot of the focus is going to be on the brass river every inch that this crested starts tiki decrease in terms of the forecast i think everybody starts to breathe a little easier unfortunately there is a lot of folks i have water inside their homes their still homes that are being threatened by this situation so here's the latest information on the gauge at richmond so again this is information on the browsers i have the weather service right now working on a recalculation on when the exact we will see the cress the latest crash crest his actual lee reduced a little bit we've gone from fifty six to meet to 557 so we're definitely going in the right direction the current projection for that cress according to this gauge would be saturday afternoon but a lot of officials in fort bend county have been saying sometime during the day today so that's why so i mean the weather services working on it right now so the minute that we know will let you know anybody that lives along the browsers knows that it's usually a very slow cross to any way so that specific timeframe for folks that live there is you know it it's a slow crest it's not going to be no it's done and then it's out of there the good news is the proof dected fall on the browsers is going to be a little more quick i was talking to frank billingsley yesterday uh and you know we went into this whole vent fairly dry and we think that's why a lot of our rivers are dropping quicker than in past events seen overlooking devastating flooding but those water levels are draining out at a faster pace here's the latest information uh for the surrounding channels we're looking better this morning more green yeah we like to see green so good news there this is the list of channels that are still out of thank again it's not for the.

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