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It's that time time lock in low secretary of state Mike Pompeii will be speaking just a few moments regarding the newest round of threats by the Ronnie's to attack us we don't know when exactly scheduled to start is scheduled to start five minutes ago but sometimes these things run lane we're gonna roll on his speech is that him yeah how does take up a moment I send out my personal condolences to former congressman Mike Fitzpatrick he was a friend of mine who I served alongside he passed away early this week leaving a lovely wife and family we're gonna roll on his speech and even says anything note worthy we will play that for you afterward otherwise if some of that she's going to be the give and take I I assume is going to take questions afterwards but whatever is important of that speech will play for you here live in in just a few minutes but I don't there's a lot of other stuff I want to get to for now I'm speaking of which there's a story I shouldn't laugh I suppose Soal Iman a funeral stampede in Iran leaves at least forty dead state TV reports what does it say about a people when you're having a funeral for your number two ranking guy has a general has been killed by the Americans N. at least forty Iranians are crushed to death in a stampede erupted during the funeral the gory episode insulin monies hometown of care mon which also reportedly left more than two hundred injured came as the US maritime administration is warning ships across the Middle East to be on alert for possible retaliatory retaliatory attacks from Iran the head of Iran's emergency medical services told state media unfortunately as a result of the stampede some of our compatriots have been injured in some of been killed you know I'm I'll let you draw your own conclusions on a society that stops each other to death at a funeral that eat yeah that Tom okay yeah hi am all right yeah I remember your cousin Ali is a good guy we're how did he did was he killed by the Americans no he hear them he was stopped to death at Donna Solomon is fear all I ask he gave his life at the Esalen monies for euro Disney what kind of people kind of people stop other people to death stampede and it got me to thinking how many of you remember Barack Obama was president in you know the most dangerous place to be literally is between Sheila Jackson Lee and a camera roll call reported Sheila Jackson Lee was sitting in the fourth row she probably got merit five thirty that morning foreign late afternoon event and she's sitting in the fourth row in an event.

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