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Tensions it will affect global growth and that might affect the growth of the demand for your. Product I haven't seen that yet about seventy percent of what we make goes into consumer. Products and so if you look at the strength of the, consumer if you're in, China consumer strength is. Good if you're in the US consumer strength is very good right, now so I haven't seen it have an impact. There we'll have to watch that and see if that starts the back things. Up talk to me about the spinoff of Dow because you all down Japan is going in a split. Direction one of your competitors BASF is going in the opposite. Direction so what's the strategy of the spin off And how does that put. You in a better competitive advantage going forward When we brought the two companies together one of the key ideas was to take the businesses of the two and spend that out because we felt, it would get a higher multiple on. The market on the material side we will, be still an integrated company we may not have the breadth of up but, we'll still be an integrated company in the six businesses that we're in but we'll be much more focused and that will allow us to be better capital allocators we move forward and and we'll be able to continue to invest. In organic gross to keep the growth rates that we talked about earlier whereas in the old Dow where thirteen businesses to service and we had allocate capital across thirteen different businesses kind of hard to keep them. All up and keeping up with pace of GDP growth around the world Talks what jobs it is jobs. Day so we have to ask you about jobs charter actually shows the number of employees in the chemicals and plastics over time going back to nineteen ninety eight obviously it all dip down in two thousand nine It's come back some chemicals is the white number blue plastic the blue although not newly. The level that it was going back to two thousand or so, experience at Dow with employment it's coming back obviously with all the facilities that we've built we've had a. Fair amount of hiring. What we've also had a. Big change and demographics so as we move to be more digital and build the digital Dow, we're moving more into robotics and end to sensors into data analytics or. A, different mix of people people with IT experience we need more skilled trades so even though the numbers are coming. Back more slowly than, they have been in the past the mix has shifted thirty five to forty percent of my workforce today, millennials we're hiring at the rate of about. Two thousand employees per year because you have to. Replace generation that's.

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