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Our hello a c michael brantley get his visit was michael brantley in the all star you i michael brantley to look at michael brantley numbers and you tell me why on earth with michael brantley was an star michael brantley numbers 300 four thirty one runs forward five home runs thirty seven rubies that's also james i chested this i'm hoping you know the answer please tell me michael brantley was a injury replacement on the all star team not sure to check out thirty one thirty one wrench toward thirty seven rubies five almonds that's an allstar who has manager is now i understand act i announce our friend mind ads especially resident or you know you don't tito took revered chance and i get it but that's not all sar and that's part of the reason i say the all star game shooting determined homefield obeys the world series and yet white the hippocratic can be times i missed it is tuesday there was nothing nothing i'm online at all it was israel's demands hey you know what we'll take turns was is what we did a major league baseball for ever are we just took turns this year it see miracle league last year it was the lashley their sheer reversal yelm he was a stray pick of of of teetering on us that's been barisa michael brantley was lost embarrassment and i like michael rarely buck come on let's be real i would dancers i don't know what you could put on the line army you have to i saw brace harbor had an idea have a draft the two managers from lashes world series you do with that way you do apply your captain i guess you could do like a on legend nope ozzie smith for the national league in cal ripken for the american only and you can have them pick i guess upi i don't know if you wanna do the managers from me you know you do joe manning terry francona but then you given the whole thing of francona just took michael braley aplomb maybe have the fans vote everybody in but then you have the means draft out of that poll show you mix it up something different it's something but it didn't do form this year.

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