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City council meeting. You to adhere to the policy will result in disciplinary action and could even cost you your job. You can be fired. Without that passport. However, the rule does not apply to the mayor himself. Or any other elected officials that would be City Council. We had weekly unemployment numbers released just minutes ago. 310,000 American workers filing for first time claims of unemployment benefits last week 310,000 week. It was down from the revised total of last week. Yeah, they revised it up. So we're now back to revising numbers after their first reported, so don't take any of this to the bank. If something was done repeatedly by the Obama Obama Biden administration back in their day. Yep. Death toll in Louisiana now up to 26 more than it work more than a week after Hurricane Ida hit that state power situation is still bad, but we had just over 285,000 houses and businesses right now without power in Louisiana. Now we go to the Michael Barry Show. I'm chevre Friar in Houston's news, weather and traffic station NewsRadio 7 40 ktrh. It's that time, time, time time lock and load Michael very show is on the air. Yeah. Bourbon. Well after being caught fixing the bidding process in order to award an $11 million contract to an unqualified long time single. Employee Democrat operative. The Commandante has tucked her tail and run. She says she will now call for the cancellation..

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