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And now move the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks, what's up everybody DJ Bucky here on a takeaway podcast from a what'd you say? Buck an interesting weekend of NFL football. I think it was a very interesting weekend. When you look at the match ups that we had we got a chance to come to separate the contenders. From the pretenders has more key matchups where we got to get an opportunity to see which teams are really built to go to the Super Bowl. Well, we're going to get into our ten takeaways here in just a second. But I do want to show you because this is a tweet that was just sent out. This is not on the on the run down here. But I just want to show you a tweet that was sent out. And you you tell me how you would interpret this tweet in and what it would mean here, you're ready for this. This is a tweet from Lamar Jackson. Who do thumbs up, dude? He said dude with two thumbs up. And I don't know everybody's they're going to there by week right now. I thought this would make sense with the ravens offense that has scuffling that you. Go ahead and say, hey, let's let's name him the starter. We're gonna get a crack at this. If he can save John Harbaugh job at team that needs to get into the postseason needs association promises is lost a couple of games in row. I don't know. That's just that's just the tweet that I just saw I could ain't nothing. You think it could mean? But John Harbaugh had some quotes after that game. That said we've got to find a way to get Lamar Jackson more involved and get more touches he was on the field for like thirteenth snaps book. So if you're gonna want them get more than thirteen snaps, then you can just make him the making the quarterback the writing was on the wall when Lamar Jackson was drafted at some point. Here's an opportunity to do it. And I know people thought we'd being crazy because we were saying, hey, man Lamar Jackson you don't draft together in the first round. And he doesn't play not in this time. By Pat, Mahomes is the only one that we can really think about in recent memory that said the. Oh year. The difference was Alex Smith last year played it if you love for about three fourths of the season held them off right now, Joe flacco has gone to come back to the pack. And I'm not saying all the ravens office of issues are on him. But unfortunately, the way it's looking when you have a first round pick a franchise quarterback. They're going to look to put him on the field kind of jump start the process. And so when you're sitting at wherever they're sitting formed for under five hundred right now five like it's an opportunity for them at the by week to maybe make a change. All right. Let's so let's get to our takeaways here..

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