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White kids in that crowd. That can't fight. No god no but they may because they think jake does it. They flex just like the same thing. Let's get for these young kids to learn. This was called abroad. Actually tweeted about jake. Jumping should have should have food back to accurately cream. Because you know jake's from cleveland. Yeah did for. Cleveland damon maya and Rivera the guy from new york remember. They both got released remember. Yeah he never found his footing in the afc. He was great world series. So now doing danis is wondering if you could grapple with the watch that yeah chills promotion submission underground interesting sure. Tell get that done. Oh yeah that'd be great all right. So here's some fight. Announcements mother channel didn't sign the contract but now he said he's it's signed and they're they're on for sure for november six engage. You were a fight man. Gay chann- great fucking fight. But he's still doesn't wanna take the vaccine you know the whole vaccination thanks. Is this going to new york madison square garden. He'll be fine the commissions that this is the way they say they're the worst and so when people flex on the scared so in the afc flex dana. When they're like you're raspy vaccines like cool. What do in vegas like well. Well we need the money because with rosa and not doing everybody's back to lay. Alright duda right be kuhlman. Also this rosenthal judas and ziang waleed to is also uc to sixty eight. Your girls about the fucked up again. This will confirm whether or not that was like a fluke coaches shoes in in america. That's why she got beat up. The that was weird or excuses. Think she was gonna be of crowd. Favorite over. rose is american and lovable shit out. All right there's that and there's also this cheeto variable cheeto got a big boy. Got a big line. It's a great fight a tough fight from our on frankie too but kelly from my boy cheeto. It's a big name for him. Yeah huge name. I guess they offered that frank. Egger fight to this according to Josh thompson they offered the fight. Sugar sean as team turned it down but also remember sugar. Sean didn't wanna fight new york. Sean thinks he and walk through. Frankie rightfully so he should feel that way. He just didn't wanna fight in new york to the taxes. Coach isn't going to be there. So that's why they filled it with cheeto this match up to cowboy lavera and nico price. It's a great fight. Yeah find one hundred one ninety two hit nico price in that he does. How crazy shoulders. The craziest buddy andrew. Shelton not this just guy algeria kgb. That's a finite in november. All right and then. We'll jump to this. So christina has another fight now a guy named aaron phillips and then i brought this up because sean o'malley says he can't believe that martino is actually gonna fight before him and because his still hurt from fighting tino cotino kid earn a bunch of fans men. People love that kid. When's kid fighting. Entreprenuering third wow. Yeah so even if Short sean took the fight new york. He's still fighting before. Yeah what a bat. yep tomorrow. Tarlo charges against him over a bar tab at a restaurant touching buddy. You just didn't pay them so as weird. I guess the his card got declined to couple times. The fraud alerts. And i've had that before so then shut it down because someone stole eight things happen. Yeah because it was a twenty three hundred dollars bar tab. That's pretty expensive for a bartender. All the money. Yeah and then the waitress came back. And she's accordance charles lured like. She says she lost the card so he got upset about that. And then you said she loves to fish pay it either meaning. I'd like what what do you mean. You lost my. You went from here to there that that make sense yeah. So they're saying that he walked out without paying his lawyers said he would never you know. Obviously he does not going to walk out on a bill. So that's what's going on right now. You're willing to try to walk the tab. It's very clear he was trying to pay. Yeah give her a card and she lost it while really had no audio. The affidavit says that charlie yelled that he would fuck you all shit up shit up the takes gate Places another about injury. The crimes punishable because of the accusation that he said that that's where those felony charges. Yeah sounds yeah. Sounds like it started with them Losing his card. Yeah who knows. But i suspect cannot imagine someone who's is basically celebrity walking out on a bill. No it does happen. But i don't think there are Vitor belfort check out his body now. Do he's gonna start josh. Oh look though a veto words on all the say dude. A juicy e tour is so awesome. who's good definitely. He's going to be the shadows jail. Who kids this is also cool. Michael business sign another four year extension as a commentator. He's great he's great amazing. They're paying him. I wonder how much they make. They gotta make some not a ton talents a trip. Unless you're named joe rogan not attend. Maybe since he's the extension maybe they paid up. yeah remember. Moscow has his promotion fighting promotion. Who does for he mazda and then big foot silva was supposed to fight that guy. Nicholson tell me big with not letting he's not fighting good. They didn't they didn't say why. But now you're jack may is taking his place. Oh well yeah and now these are just regular on me and super pictures but yeah was the oldest acres like tap out day pictures. Yeah it is and this is also typology. So this i saw on. Espn and this wanted ads in a win. Have you seen this video. No okay just watch. Hoa who want me never get bigger and stronger can beat me but to beat. You bro bro. I mean bigger and stronger. I'm your.

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