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Kaufman here with you as normal Evan valenti is producing, but he won't be joining us on air for this one so in a way he's still with us. But of course, it's not about me. It's not about evidence about our featured guest every week. And this week, it is a man we just, you know, we saw an article during the week and we said we gotta talk to this guy and it was just overdue to get him back on the show anyway. And that is Steve bullpen. Now of heavy dot com, of course, started that job in just last two, three weeks somewhere in that general vicinity. I think, although time has kind of passing me by Steve, congrats on the new role first and foremost and welcome. It's good to see you. You as well. So, you know, before we even get into obviously your article about jaylen Brown and your thoughts on the Celtics and all that good stuff, just a little bit about the new gig. Is this more casting a wider net on the NBA than you were? I mean, I know you were already covering the entire league when, you know, you were at the Herald for all those years, but what's this role encompass for you? Yeah, it's a wider situation like true, you're correct. I was covering the league as well at the Herald, but I was really primarily responsible for Celtics. That was the main beat. Now I don't cover games anymore. I don't have to write up game reports. And it's basically using the context that we've gotten over the past billion years to find stuff out. And report it. So yeah, it was a good situation. Sean, Devine, who many of you know, the NBA writer for the sporting news for a number of years. He reached out and you know, look, I was really lucky. It was in a situation where I could kind of pick spots and didn't necessarily have to work, but wanted to, but was waiting for a kind of the right thing. And when this came along, it the opportunity to work with Sean and the contract that they presented.

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