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You know i. It doesn't fade away. It's always it's always there remember. Roger goodell supposedly destroyed the spy gate evidence. Right that's yob being a real curious to what happens to all this stuff. And i'll be real curious and lee better legal minds than me would have the answer to this. If any of these women With their attorneys or go to now turn around and sudan. Snyder in the nfl. And seek beth wilkinson's Information that she compiled earning investigation in discovery. And go to court for that. You know Stop on that. Because that was another question i had because i am interested in what lisa banks is. Goal is with the forty plus clients. She has but i want to go back to something here. So how do you think. I'm just curious and oral report on this eleven eleven eleven month long investigation was delivered. How did that work. Do you think i told you. I i know but you were being sarcastic. How do you think joe point. There's no point. Do you think there's a powerpoint presentation slides of this or do you think they said to her. At some point we do not want a written report. We don't even want an executive summary. We want to spend June twenty-seventh and twenty eighth with you over a four hour period two hours each day and we want you to tell us what you found and somebody took some. I like my. I know i'm being serious. I'm really curious because with any sort of an investigation like any sort of consulting project or investigation it requires a written. Follow up like. I need it here in front of me that i can refer to at some point. I want you to present it to me in person your findings but then i want you to leave me with the you know three ring. Binder of of one hundred seventy five pages of investigation may be proprietary to us because of the anonymity promises promises. That's fine but we need to have something but apparently there is no written. Nothing written on this. She had to put something together in writing to present it orally she just didn't wing it she she she put it down on something and went through it with them. I think it's clearly an effort to make sure that nothing gets leaked because remember. There was a leak. There was a leak to jason bishop at one. Oh six seven the fan when he leaked. That part of the wilkinson investigation was a recommendation. That snyder ba- forced to sell the team he had to pull back on part of what He reported which was that. The league already had that report which apparently it not but he apparently saw some of what was going to be in the report per a source. I think that they don't want of the details leaked and they don't by the way this is that they they paid for this or the team's paying for it but the league they don't have a responsibility to provide anything but this leads don't but it leads me to this. I think it's a bad move by the league in this environment not to have had Beth wilkinson provide the information that the commissioner in the league did in that statement. That statement could have come from her in a two to three page exact summary of the investigation and they could have said that. The details of this investigation include too much information that would require. The disclosed require us to disclose too much that we promised via anonymity. I think that would have done very little. Because no one would have bought that like fed. You can include that information without giving away identities. Well they could've they have said. There could have been too many connecting the dots for too many people in the media that would have unveiled some of the people in this and this is for their protection. There i'm not. I'm not kidding in my reference in how i think this went not that much because the less that roger goodell was told by Beth wilkinson the less he might if who some circumstances be forced to testify to and it's eh possession. What he doesn't know he can't testify to. What do they call that. What's the term for that. I'm blanking when don't don't tell me that a plausible deniability. Hey here's another question for you. What sir neil in rockville. This morning came on. Neil's very good at this stuff by the way. Congratulations to neil. Neil was the one that taught us. Neal was the one that told us that. This report would come out the day before. July fourth weekend holiday weekend now he was twenty four hours off but he said that In you know t set it to me. I asked him. When is this thing gonna come out. And he says i predict it will come out right before july fourth weekend. it'll be you know the last thing You know put out on the friday before that weekend. Now he again twenty four hours off but he had the right idea but he said something to me this morning in 'cause i asked him i said what is lisa banks whose with her law firm. You know forty of these women many of these women that were Were were questioned by beth wilkinson. What is her goal here. Because neil said to me that look these are sexual harassment claims. They're not sexual assault claims which means it's not criminal. There can only be a civil Outcome from a sexual harassment claim and there is statue of limitations on sexual harassment claims. And it's three years so they're long past in most of the in most of these cases of being able to extract money for this. What is her goal here.

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