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Have long recommended. This is especially true for low wage workers, a disproportionate number of whom are people of color and have to work indoors. Older people yes, and therefore unlikely to be able to afford one of these higher quality Maxwell. The government will just Oh, of course on people with preexisting conditions to put them at a higher risk. Ideally, we'd have a significant aid package, allowing businesses to remain closed and workers to stay home as much as possible. Also increasing workplace standards through better ventilation and masks. Tragically, that doesn't seem to be in the cards. Well, at least the author here is able to maintain some sense of realism is authors out of their staffing. Mind. Yes, but that statement, at least, is true. That's not in the cards. The rest of this is Insane, hysterical babbling. But that statement is true. That is insane. It's still wise to avoid Harding. Most people don't need that. Many in this search will put fresh strain on supplies already has as long as they're put on and taken off. Carefully use hand sanitizer before and after such masks, a reusable after being left in a paper bag or breakable container for at least five days, which means his fewest five are enough to rotate through a typical work week for people who work with others, especially indoors. All of this is unpleasant, but the alternative is much worse. There's a Turkish saying For times like these when we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, quote. Time passes quickly If we can count the days until the end, unquote we're no longer in the open end a dreadful period of spring 2020. When we did not know if we even have a vaccine, whether any therapeutics woodwork and whether we'd ever emerge from the shadow of this pandemic. We can see the Calvary coming. But until it's here, where you to lock ourselves down once again from the Atlantic, I'm not looking at it all. And I don't think other people should either even if you do, even if you wait on the vaccine as far She says. Even with the vaccine, this is going to change. This crap isn't going nowhere until you refuse. And as Sweden said, You know,.

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