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A freaking flame thrower you know you only got two arms or is not so much you can do at a time with all these and the church in with possessing a machine gun because he had the bump stock wow so now his mission then he's waiting for we'll be in prison waiting for the judge to the call him over to court and hoping to meet somebody nice while he's there in prison 'cause that's where you can eat all kinds of really nice people you've been to prison or jail i've been to jail yeah okay it's a whole nother story made you a hardened criminal that you are mhm jeffey actually meant and you are able to help him get on a work release program ended up here and so and the rest is history that's beautiful story so this caravan supposedly is released a group of demands and apparently they're not breaking up they're not getting smaller they haven't disbanded in fact a caravan headed for the united states illegally in now includes fifteen hundred people and they've reached their about four hundred miles closer and the closer the get the more help they get from the mexican people pueblo sin front terrace political outreach group that organized the caravan released a press statement for the united states mexico and central american governments here's there we demand demands of the mexico and the united states so wait a minute these pass throughs are making demands of the country that they're crossing as the country that are approaching and the destination country.

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