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Rob, I know that you enjoy. She has a little more class when discussing it. Oh, it bothers you deeply that the patriots once again, last night, had a ring opening ceremony show. The video here. In a bothers, you doesn't it? Well, the just rubbing it in everybody here, they are. They're big rings. I hope that they gave Tom Brady a cubic zirconiums ring a specially. When you think that he didn't even do anything to win the Super Bowl collared, no touchdowns one pick fumble had under two hundred yards. That was a parting gift for his career this loose last championship. By the way, he had if you play in five six seventy s Super Bowls, you do get one off game. He was better than Goff know, he was put if you would have gone into that Super Bowl told the Rams that they would hold a patriots to thirteen points and win win the Super Bowl. Nobody would believe you. Yeah, it was. It was it was a chunky God. Beyond. Yeah. I liked it because it was yeah, but I get the people who said it was kind of a dud. Okay. So let's talk about this. You have been on this. Raptors thing. You believe a lot of people think. It's yawn finals. The ratings are way down you love with the raptors are doing I really do. I think that when you look at what the raptors have done and with the ratings I get part of it. But I think part of it might be actually warriors for Teague not like a dislike of the raptors. But that we've seen this. We haven't we haven't had five years in a row hasn't happened for team since the sixty. No, listen. The patriots Rams Super Bowl. Number was down people felt people wanted to see somebody new, I've got achieve say, what of have seen the Chiesa get. I do think listen. The Spurs dynasty, I was thinking about this driving in this morning. It was never a rating success ever. It never worked with Dunkin was young in his prime and then incredibly likeable guys David Robinson. The Spurs dynasty, by the way. Alabama's dynasty has not helped college football ratings. I do think the warriors did help it, but a has set in I really do. And the other thing is you don't count the numbers from Canada. So that's a big knock the numbers of going to naturally be down. But what they've shown teams is that it doesn't have to be a super team kinda thing to be able to win, adding one star via trade to what you already had can can put you in that situation to me, it's like the old fashioned way, the way that the, the raptors have put together a team that's on the break. I think a winning a championship. I picked them originally in six games. I don't know. I'm not as confident as everybody else thinking that old awards gonna win game four auto medically tonight. I'm not that confident without K D in clay is going to be seventy percent. Right. He's not going to be one hundred percent. And you saw even with Steph trying to,.

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