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All built into the airframe. And those kind of those kind of sensors and sweet and electric technology would be where the Chinese and the Russians would want it to they could learn to defeat it. So it's not the first time we've had an aircraft. Go go down, and we've sent lots and lots of aircraft and subs and recovery vehicles out to try to find it because we've done it with their fourteen we've done it with F fifteens. But over time any piece of any piece of damage that they recover. That our our foes recover or could be used against the aircraft to diminish it. And we already know that the f thirty five quite a few plans of it fell into Chinese hands. So them being able to having the plans, and then seeing the technology up close, even if it's damaged you can reverse engineer it, so it's it could be a devastating loss to the program and to the aircraft's capabilities if it's recovered by people who don't want to see the aircraft the another website that will probably list the drive talks about how it's possible that they have already spotted where it is. But haven't released it because they don't want people to know, but they expect it's down roughly a mile and don't think it's really particularly going to be easily recoverable with with the current submarine technology that we have in terms of naval submarines. They may be a couple that can can get down there. But it's it's below crush depth of many of them. And what the other thing that I found interesting. This is one of the Mitsubishi assembled the f thirty five as it was made in Japan and from our parts and assembly enough supervising very closely. But it's it's a pretty scary thing to think that it might be recovered from by a couple of other nations. Yeah. Yeah. There's also a little bit of information about the pilot forty one years old. He's called inexperienced pilot about thirty two hundred flying hours about sixty in the f thirty five A, of course, that smaller number because the f thirty five eight hasn't been in Japan for for too long and his Mike said this is kind of a freshly built one. Yeah. I was going to pretty much saying exactly what Mike which is. It's interesting because this is Jeff. Knees assembled one, but as far as other countries, recovering this Misawa air base, where the aircraft to cough from is essentially a US base. Also. So we we've got a an abundance of US forces in the area. So I saw one of the articles or as a p eight Poseidon that's flying. We've got fifteen in that area. We've got a various rescue aircraft. So if they know where or at least the general area, I'm sure it will be an international area. But but the US will probably saturate the area to prevent that or any pieces from from going to the wrong people. They even have YouTube in the sky looking for it. Apparently, it has some sensors that may be able to help detect it. According to some of the websites I've seen and keep in mind that the reason why the Russians and the North Koreans and the Chinese. As one access to it is this is a weapon system that's being pervasive in the Pacific region. It's deployed now in Japan. Australia Singapore, looking at purchasing it, South Korea is looking at purchasing it. So you can understand that this is a very important aircraft to that region from a a international perspective. So the foes of those countries in our Pacific alliance who are Quiring the aircraft would want to get it. So they because they view it as threat in that area, especially China. All right. One more military story in mica found this one. This is so calm commander says special.

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