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Mr Rana, Oakland, Kidnapping discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Eye mr rana back and tell him oh yeah it's okay with the oakland mayors doing you know it's easy sean to say that we can stop all bad things from happening if we take this action the guy killed grant rana back is the guy that killed was in jail four years for kidnapping a woman and holding a hostage over a week and when he got out of jail he was set free because they didn't hand them over to the authorities that's what you're sanctuary city policies do so what do you say to the father that lost his son that was working overnight so we could pay for his college in order to stop my point two uh apologise to him in some way making feel better apparently how 'bout we change the policy so that can happen again how how how about every criminal illegal immigrant that is in jail when they're released we release them back out and send them back to their own country instead of releasing them back out in the population of put people at risk how 'bout we do that you against that albert we say every criminal who i ask for you are you you've ever gets out i asked you are you against it if they serve their time and they are here illegally they go home you don't let them back into american society to victimise other americans that okay or not any time you keep some protective measure yes you're going to cost of protecting your seeking it has the potential of being overbroad and bringing people in twelve people that are convicted of crimes that are here illegally you're going to allow them to go back out on the street to commit more crimes because you're not willing to deport them if we say when you commit any crime never gets out that we protect everybody from everything ever we don't want to do that he recognizes that some people who we catch per se heavy with the prior were simple assaulted we give them something to set and say we are basically want open borders you want full on amnesty open.

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Mr Rana, Oakland, Kidnapping discussed on The Sean Hannity Show

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