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And I like that scenario. I like the passing along the information. The skull session is cooling down after a show having a Bruce here something and talking to the match over. Those are invaluable times. And steamboat was able to master. So I thought it worked out okay. The tag titles were anemic anyway, Conrad. So Lisa gave people something to talk about. No doubt, no doubt. They're going to lose the titles on January 16th, arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton at a house show in Jacksonville and we know that he's going to start a feud with Pauly dangerously in the dangerous alliance stable, specifically Rick rude, we've talked about these series of matches a lot in our archives, grilling JR dot com. Particularly the war games and wrestle war 92 showings, but how about that Iron Man match? It was only 30 minutes, but beach blast 92, I mean, this is an era where we're not really trying things like Iron Man matches on pay per view, but if you're gonna have two guys do it, it's probably no two better conditioned athletes. She could have picked in this area now. Yeah, probably so, yeah. Both of them are very talented. Yeah. And I think that's where that kind of salvaged steamboats passionate again. It pushed the right button, getting in there with rude. I was rude was such a great heel. An athletic wrestling heel that could kick ass and the guys respected his toughness is tenacity and so forth. So I don't know. I thought that was a good booking quite frankly. And again, steamboat hoping again that he's still a top guy and that rude communist nerves and not be paranoid because he knew steamboat wasn't going to screw him. He was going to go out there and they were going to have an unselfish, great performance. And I thought they accomplished that. Well, they definitely did that. And we're going to close out 92 with steamboat having a very short television title run. Defeating Steve Austin at clash of the champions 20, and then he and Shane Douglas are paired up and when the unified tag titles, which are both the NWA and the WCW tag titles, at the next clash in Macon, Georgia, on November 18th, and they're going to lose those on March 3rd, 1993, right about when you're finishing up with WCW, they drop them to the Hollywood blonds, stunning Steve Austin and Brian Pillman, and later steamboat would feed with Paul orndorff and lord Steven regal over the TV title and get one last shot at the title and a series of matches against Ric Flair. They had another match, not nearly discussed as much as that 89 trilogy, but spring stampede 94 was yet another example of what these guys could do, maybe a little older, maybe not as bright a light, but what a match, man. They were just the perfect pair, no? Yeah, I wasn't there then. I left. This short time before that. Yeah. Yeah, what the hell are you? Are we supposed to be surprised? They had another great match? No. I don't think so. His final match is in WCW would save him defeat Steve Austin for the U.S. title at the clash of the champions in August, but unfortunately he has to forfeit the title due to a back injury. And then shortly afterwards, he's fired by FedEx. Thanks to our Eric Bischoff, he's still out when he's injured. And against this news, and that's it. He's going to retire from wrestling and stay away for several years. Kind of a sad ending, you know, this is a guy who had done it all. Former U.S. champ and TV champ and tag champ and Intercontinental Champion world champ and then and I'll end with a FedEx man. Yeah, I think not specifically referring to Eric's Eric's FedEx. But I thought at the end of the day, steamboat deserved better on his exit from our business. Yes. I thought he had paid enough dues, he had contributed to mightily, so I thought that he probably deserved a little bit better treatment on his way out. I mean, out out, then he got. I'm not blaming Eric for that. Just the way the lay of the land was, but all of a sudden it was inadvertently perhaps, but steamboat became the forgotten guy. Hey, all you remember

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