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I love the full thing. So you think foam is going to back. That's why. Absolutely. I don't. I don't know. Yeah. I was a little worried about him bouncing back. I love fomer though. I was very happy when Berlin left there because not what you'd be, you know, leave there because he went to a team to try win because I like Rhode lender. But it gained full were the position. I think he is going to be nice, and I got Scott Barlow. Our core. That's a name. Yeah. I don't know. Why I I really liked watching him. He was the Tokyo the Japan Series. Yeah. I think so he he pitched he represented the. And I don't know why just ruse really I just he had fifteen innings. I think he's a named for the royals as a bullpen. Peace moving forward. I just I just really like to stuff watching that Japan Series. I mean, he he he low key. And was kind of not really any talk about the about the whole thing. I think he started yet for innings or something like that. Yeah. I mean, he's got all the tools six three or two hundred pounds is younger. He's twenty six years old. I mean, I think he's a name. He walked pen for those guys if not at the trade deadline. If he if he gets the the the reps at the big league level. You know, like I said, I think this year was his was his debut. So who knows who knows what he might bring up. But I like Stephen Dov as I saw him a bunch in Rochester. What the twins? He obviously made his debut this year. You know, had seven games twenty four innings in those games. But he's just nasty, man. Like, I know what the bigly level translate. But. There's there's sometimes you just gotta be okay with the non translation, I think the reason he falls five is because he's still a prospect. He still moving forward with his development. But man, the kid the kid was absolutely nasty. And I think I think the twins got a really solid pitcher. He's twenty four is going up. So the bottom part of my list, the foreign five or are younger guys. But I think Michael Fulmer is gonna come back have a hell of a year. An obviously you can't go wrong with anyone on Cleveland roster. Their pitching staff is absolutely disgusting. Even if they don't trade kluber. I mean, you gotta pick them as the favourite as to to win the division again. Even by eight-plus game. But I mean. There really isn't another team in that in that division that we can say like, hey, you know, they're gonna. India's a run for their money. No, not at all in one more. No on Barlow that I found interesting and he's not a power pitcher by any means. He's a pitchers pitcher. And what I mean by that is that he doesn't throw hundred ninety eight the average fastball. Liam will be is ninety three. He throws it around ninety the average exit Blasi is eighty eight and he throws aiding exit Blasi goes out eighty nine. So he's not throwing the ball hard. But they're not hitting the ball hard aren't either? And that just shows that he has good stuff. And I know that we're throwing around a lot. But when you're not throwing the ball hundred dollars an hour. It's nine going out over ninety. That's that's pretty good. Tiger fans. Tiger fans have nothing to sneeze foam or you ought to save nays. But give it a couple of years you'll have Matt manning in you'll have also Casey Mayes up in three four asleep. I think a sleeper pitcher for this year for them is going to be mad. I what am I sleep was g Alito? I think gee, levers DR in baseball, by the way. Yes, he did. I think he's actually going to figure it out sooner than later right now that traders look too good. But we got run on a Lopez out of it. Yeah. They got Lopez outlets better. But I think deluded figures out he's another guy that not top five. But on that team that seems to be a little bit better this year, you're not gonna give Cleveland run for their money. But they're easy to be good. I think he's going to be a little bit better this year. I mean, he's not got the worst..

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