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Nowhere is jeff kallio leads kill you oh look they're holding a baby tiger lion ruin that word the tiger tiger occar's just as good the in inversion i liked the 'tiger king they lifted the baby dropping bounces around so their heads of made a rubber and their tales at me to spree how do you say your last name kelly wet okay i thought i thought it might be something what did you just call us jeff cal you were also wrote to me today saying he has a name for last man stand like a regular name but we've never played one with holy shit can i have several more all these for these guys just went lime anyway to skip right all that good cranberry houses has uti that's clearing up it's clear now it's better than when the show started whether you're really they really did bring me an extra good enjoy your wall garang to you just hold the mic i like fucking neil hamburger upholding glasses right now kids passes regan wrote so you can have the tightest well i guess it's get parizeau brokers it's my neil hamburger he birdied two of them into different size glasses 'cause they dug clearly has issues with sizes but unlike drugs us drink mine doug listen size matters not cal euets that's why you like that movie so much right qiao you at okay for everybody wants to follow monitored cai no one's going to bother.

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