Congress, Jim Jordan, Deputy Attorney General discussed on Sean Hannity


Stay right here for our final news roundup and information overload miss rosenstein why are you keep an information from congress not keeping any information from congress that it's appropriate few minutes mr rosenstein think the house of representatives gonna say something different i don't agree with you congressman i don't believe that's what they're going to say if they do but i think in a few minutes the house of representatives is going to go on record saying you haven't complied with requests from a separate and equal branch of government that you haven't complied with subpoenas and you got seven days to get your act together i think that's what's going to happen in a few and that's just that's not jim jordan i think that's the how i think that's a majority of house of representatives in just a few minutes i think that's going to happen and i want why you won't give us what we've asked for sir i certainly hope that your colleagues are not under that impression that is not accurate sir it is accurate we have caught you hide i'll make this one ponente last night make this one point where we've cayennes hiding information and you can answer why did you hide the fact that peter struck and judge contracts were friends why did you redact that in the documents you gave to us peter i mean judge contrast important pfizer court judge more importantly just as importantly the judge that heard mike flynn case why did you try to hide that promise i appreciate your giving the option to respond i've heard you make those sort of allegations publicly on tv it's i got an response i am the deputy attorney general united states okay i'm not the person doing the redacting i'm responsible for responding to your concerns as i have i have a team with me sir it's just a fraction of the team that's doing this work and whenever you brought to my attention i have taken appropriate steps to remedy them so your statement that i'm personally keeping information from you trying to conceal information you're the boss mr rosenstein that's correct and my job is to make sure that we were on to your concerns we have sir all right that's from the hearings earlier today we're going to play a look who is in the studio allowed to mention who you are is cool all right rush limbaugh's the one the only boasts nerdy has entered the house i never had to look at my man sean james james golden had how many years have you been with the king of talk radio you know everybody we're coming on a thirty year believe i'm actually thirty years in radio it's it's nuts i started in eighty seven i swear that's when i.

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