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Then for the race on the starting tossing eleven no surprises where they played a little bit. I liked the fact that when they had the ball with the whole wing by and Saunas a Ah left-wing by many ways. We Davis staying with these two center boxes. Well I like the way they played just behind Cain so there was a few tweet that you could see the marina. Only two days of training sessions with with the steam so or this is very new but you could see already thought a little bit of tweaking there and that however we need to be more time to see exactly as the ruin your touch on these quads. Yes it was A. It's almost the first perfect perfect first game. Marina wasn't it sixty minutes. The perfect opponent is west. Hollywood los five of the last seven an hour team going in the wrong direction. That was a in the league since January manager bones and all that so surprised. I was surprised that played not not for any other reason. The jokes talked about because a no Marino lyceum annoy wants a physical presence in there but it has looked so unfair and so a mobile recently. Because it's been the team again during the game. The athol a faultless would be at least a little bit too quick from but he's throwing them and there is certainly look roster but relate with the week taught and played. I mean it certainly say oh marina stop I just late Tottenham look by their self. I think Marina looks. You think you set back and he'll probably the he's done this before job. You look back and say I've got I've got place he can. You know. I've got a front four Iraq. And what if I can get the middle of the park and spotlight a fucking God structure in their if not the biggest gordon the world in Portuguese touching up. But I've got something I can and I think that's I think that's why there's a little bones and Marino step and yet check those final thirty minutes. We'll give him something to Moan and complain about. Yeah I mean it was ridiculous mandate especially when it had been going so well and you're right and Marino has every right to be upset with the team they finished you. Don't allow that lead to slip. It could have been a whole lot worse but I suppose you take three point. You take the performance but I hastened odd one solar doesn't make a some especially against West Ham team and as much as you're talking about a Wiki. I've a good friend the miners spruce religious and rubber news and it but he points out that spoons of no on their last four at the Olympic Stadium. Not even westbound won the Olympics. It was always good at one with your stuff. Good day for at least offic Nolan Lawf- London for the other half not such day. Shoot to US also getting that late late equaliser sow appoint from. What could have been the.

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