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The commute Royal expect a high around seventy degrees. So we will warm up there right now in Seattle overcast with sixty five degrees. Komo news time three fifteen. Stay connected. Stay informed. Komo news. Sponsored by Land Rover Jaguar of Bellevue. Jeremy grater is at the editor's desk. Skedaddle with us on this Thursday afternoon, as we take a look at some of the day's top stories see US marshals service is investigating threats against supreme court nominee Brett Kevin on his family amid an accusation that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasi fort when they were teens the threats were confirmed today by a senior administration official at the White House who wasn't authorized to speak publicly the official says the threats were made in emails to Kavanagh's wife officials in the place where much of the flood waters from hurricane Florence will reach the Atlantic. Ocean are now preparing for a flood like they have never seen before Georgetown county. Administrator sell Hemingway saying today, it is too early to know exactly how high the water will get or how much land will be flooded starting next week. But it is better to be prepared for the worst. Authorities say more than ten percent of the county's sixty one thousand residents. May have to evacuate and coming up in a half hour. We'll tell you how you can help out those victims of that flooding back east and still ahead too. Lazy to exercise, I'm Brian Calvert. With the research suggesting you can't help being a couch potato Catholic archdiocese of New York has hired a former federal judge to review how the church is handling allegations of sexual abuse. ABC news correspondent Aaron Katersky is following the story. He spoke with komo's Rick van Cise and at first blush. The seems to be a significant step is the church confronts, the sex abuse scandal lighted the cardinal there. Make this move. He said he's worried that the flock is losing faith in him and in bishop's across the country. Because of how the church has handled or Bill or not handled the the sex abuse cases. And we're now twenty years into this. And to be clear, the archdiocese here is taken as as it has in many locations to taken steps to try and address things but still. You've had what Dolan called the summer of hell the mass with cardinal McCarrick, the Pennsylvania, the grand jury report, which taken together expose the scope of the church's problem and the lack of of of solutions, so former judge Barbara Jones enters the picture A. What exactly will she do? She's heading up this review. She's going to take a look at all of the get all the procedures in place sell the policies in place for handling sex abuse cases to see whether they work. She said, you know at first blush. It looks like there's robust infrastructure is she called it to deal with sex abuse claims and cases and reporting to the district attorney's office and the like, but she says she wants to see if that infrastructure is effective. And if it's officiant did the cardinal today. Timothy Dolan indicate that okay once that report comes in the church will take it seriously. And maybe make changes in steps says recommended well, we'll see. The Dolan said he will be open to whatever she recommends that she would hold his feet to the fire because there is no there is nothing. He said that's going to be out of bounds. And in the retired. Judge Barbara Jones said that she has been told to leave no stone unturned. So it seems as if Dolan wants a thorough review and wants to know, but but I think it just in listening to him today. There's still a bit of defensive is there that he believes the church has done things and have taken steps, and he seemed a bit bewildered that. You know, the flock is is losing faith. But he says they are and he was quite quite quite Frank about it. We're talking with ABC news correspondent Aaron Katersky anywhere to Erin. Whether the strategy might be used in other Catholic archdiocese that are facing similar allegations. Well, this is the first, and I you get the sense that one New York does it in. It is the second largest archdiocese in the country that there is a. You know, a sense that works here, or you know, in L A or another big could could work for others. So we'll see how it goes. I don't know that they're they're committing to making it a model. We know that the conference of Catholic bishops. Last night approved or or is on its way to approving a hotline monitored by a third party to take complaints of abuse. And may to the conference frequent really aknowledges the told that the scandal has taken on the church's credibility. That's ABC's. Aaron Katersky with komo's Rick van Cise. Komo news time is three nineteen Dr Christine Blasi Ford is telling the Senate Judiciary committee that she is prepared to testify next week. But requires terms that are fair, and does that mean other witnesses or a full investigation. One democratic Senator asks why not both ABC's? Lana Zak is there at the Senate, New York Senator Kirsten gillibrand is still calling on the FBI to reopen the investigation into supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh asked the question. What are they afraid of? What is this White House afraid of what is this president afraid of? But several Republicans argue that this is an attempt to stall Kavanagh's confirmation until after the midterm elections. Meanwhile, the top Republican and democrat on the judiciary committee are trying to negotiate conditions for a testimony by Dr Christine Blasi Ford who has accused Calvin on sexual assault in the nineteen eighty s. Lana Zak ABC news, the capitol. Komo news time three twenty time for your propel insurance money update. From ABC news Wall Street now a mixed finish to the markets. The Dow closed up one hundred. Fifty nine points. The NASDAQ fell six in the s&p added four for the session bond yields climbed to their highest level in four months, sending Bancshares.

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