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So. I mean, I almost think like, you know, his season and he'd be headed to stud that have some convenient reason to retire. I mean, he's earned 3.5 million and it's a bunch of grade one wins and I don't think they're cutting him back to 6 for a while. I don't see what that would do for him. They're getting to run poorly in that race at 6 furlongs. When the whole goal all along has been to run him in the classic. I mean, when he won that breeders cup dirt mile, Steve, I mean, they were full steam ahead of the classic and yeah, the Dubai World Cup definitely took some wind out of their sales. But, you know, if he runs, if he runs second, a decent second to olympiad. I don't think they'll definitely give up the ghost just yet on two turn races. Interesting notes I like Steve's opinion there. I'll tell you what, and bob and the standard just mentioned it in the race day show earlier. If you like anyone other than life is good the Saturday. If you like olympiad, you're going to get a better price on them than you've seen in a long, long time. Now, he was three to two last time out when he won the Stephen foster. I don't think he'll be as low as three to two. He's two to one on the morning line. I think there's just going to be way too much life is good money in the race. And, you know, American Revolution in hot rod Charlie always take money in their races. So if you're an olympiad fan, you're probably going to get a better win price on him this Saturday in the Whitney than you've seen in a long, long time should be a really exciting running of the Whitney. Steve mentioned something about Jackie's warrior going in. Before we go to our break, I'm going to ask you this, James, and I want your opinion after the break. And of course, I'd love a big play for the weekend as well. Is there a path for Jackie's warrior to be horse of the year in 2022? Don't want your answer yet, but think about that. He's undefeated thus far. Probably going to run two more times this year. There's a very good chance he could end the year undefeated. Can Jackie's warrior, if that happens, have a legitimate argument to be the eclipse award winner for horse of the year 2022. We take our final break. We come back, phone lines are still open. Give us a call. 888-966-4776 is the number this is the brisnet dot com call and show on HR RN. This is the brisnet dot com call in show. The phone lines are open. Call now 8 8 8 9 6 6 HR RN. That's

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