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Leave the company I started and next time around I promised myself, I would start a business with my heart. I and my head meaning, of course, I'm going to think through everything you would think through, where's the white space? How do you disrupt it, helping you improve upon something for the consumer and create value, but a new it had to be purpose driven. And for me, that lightning bolt moment came to me when I recognize that I didn't actually have a good answer that question of what business could I start? So I started thinking to myself, what could you do? We created a platform where women could start a business without all the risk in the heartache, but a lot of the prophets and the fun and the community, the hope in the upside. And that's really what the mission and the underlying idea of Stellan dot is is reinventing flexible income for women. What is similar to building companies in the beginning, you look crazy. You are defying all probability all reason. And I think it has to start with that. I think you have to believe beyond reason because otherwise you'd give there's naysayers around you. There's a million reasons why wouldn't work. You have to be sure enough that what you're trying to create needs to exist, stick with it. And that's what I did in the very beginning of this company started making jewelry in my living room on nights and weekends while I was pregnant had another full time job, and I looked completely insane and I had no idea what I was doing. And so I basically figured out through a lot of hustle in iteration and each day it got slightly less crazy because I went out into the world and I found people better than I at this particular skill that was necessary to bring this vision to life, and in fact improve upon the vision. So that took me meeting someone who knew everything. About how existing home based businesses worked so that I can learn from them. It was about finding my partner Blyth Harris or chief lied about who actually knew how to make jewelry is a person trained artists, and she worked in luxury stay. So it was about finding other people to go on this crazy journey with me. Was telling start in jewelry, but now we're fashion accessories company and actually family of brands. Stehlin dot has three brands in.

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