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Interesting though that was shot. Heck? Yeah. That wasn't subtle now Twitter followers. Don't matter. Yes. Matter. You're listening to the Armstrong and Getty show. What's now? AM seven sixty K sandiego. This is CBS news on the hour. Sponsored by zoom videoconferencing. I'm Steve cave in the man with the Muller report is before congress CBS's Steve Dorsey has more on what's being said about its release attorney general William bar told a house appropriations subcommittee. He still on track to release a redacted version of the Muller report by mid April within a week. I will be in a position to release the poor to the public bars. Testimony comes amid criticism about how he's handled the mullahs report committee, chairwoman Nita Lowy, all we have is your four page summary, which seems to cherry pick from the report to draw the most favorable conclusion possible for the president Steve Dorsey CBS news, Washington. Russia's Vladimir Putin says the Muller report was vindication and says a mountain gave birth to a mouse, the revolving door is swinging fast. If he department of homeland security with the secretary and four other officials out over. The last few days CBS's major Garrett. The president is privately fumed for months about the increased flow of undocumented migrants and congressional opposition to tightening asylum laws or speeding deportation. One of the great tragedies that is going on in our country today is the loopholes in our immigration laws, speechwriter and immigration hawks. Stephen Miller won a crucial internal battle in late March when the president gave him control over immigration policy and homeland security personnel overseas. There's word a contractor thought to have been killed in Afghanistan. Blast yesterday. Survived three American service members were killed in Uganda. CBS's Debra patta has a follow up on American Kim Endicott who was released from days long kidnap. Ordeal over the weekend. Stakes race that in connection with the kidnapping. I'll being interrogated by police. It's understood they are illegal fish, traders and ivory smugglers. CBS news has learned that the kidnappers made almost nothing from the ransom pay for indicates release, despite they demand the half a million dollars expected from the Rockies to the upper mid west forecaster, Geoff Barra. Del says it could be one for the record books in some spots to be able to produce two to three feet of snow, which there's the potential for this. This time of year is extraordinarily rare. If not unprecedented today of celebration on the campus of the university of Virginia. After the school's basketball team beat Texas Tech over time to take the NCAA crown static.

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