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Thank you may feel that we now live in a world without donald trump but in many red states across the us. He's still campaigning. Like it's twenty twenty told you. Crime is surging murders are soaring. Police departments are being gutted illegal. Aliens are overrunning their borders. Nobody's ever seen anything like it. Are poor borders perfect. They were so good. Got in washington. Bureau chief david smith recently went along to one of his rallies in a higher and found the former president be as bullish as ever it was like stepping looking glass into upside down world where left is rights and up is down and everything you think about. The world is turned on its head in view of his real hard core supporters. One woman warranty share that said unmasked on muzzled unvaccinated unafraid. And someone else warranty show that said if you don't like trump then you probably don't like me and i'm okay with that. They say there's a joy in being together with other people who are angry and as trump well described the media's fake news and the crowd all tons and jeers and boos together we will send joe biden and the fake news media. There's a lot of people back. Look at that. Look at look at that if you purely stayed in manhattan new york all central washington. Dc would be easy to believe. Trump is a former president. He's off the agenda. He's off twitter and facebook. Perhaps things they're getting back to normal we can. Go back to autopilot. An american democracy has been saved. But when you get smaller towns around america and go to a trump rally and see still the force of enthusiasm for him among this base..

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