Senator Dean Heller, Majority Leader, Mr Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - MSNBC Morning Joe (audio) - 06-28-2017-083903


It comes after eight pro trump super pac began to by the ad time to pressure senator dean heller who also faces an uncertain reelection in twenty eighteen quote the majority leader already rankled by mr trump's tweets goading him to change senate rules to scuttle democratic filibusters called the white house chief of staff reince priebus to complained that the attacks were beyond stupid according to to republicans with knowledge of the tense exchange mr mcconnell has been toiling for weeks mostly in private to put together a measure that would satisfy hardliners and moderates told mr priebus and his call that the assault by the group america i not only jeopardize the bill's prospects but also imperilled mr helmer's already difficult path to reelection the ads which have now been pulled reportedly also came up in the meeting with the president yesterday and john ralston at the nevada independent tweeted quotes from senator howler from me tell a town hall last night quote this just shows you they don't have the vogts right now and they can't count on mine going forward a colorado how do you reason with the president to lies ninety seven percent of the time heller reportedly responded it is frustrating to deal with the white house that is not one hundred percent accurate sweep loyd december and we do need to talk about the press briefing yesterday we'll get to the is incredible really secretaries incredible in this white this this whole thing is unpreced really is mark mark mark helprin incredibly stupid would be a mild way to put wiped this ham fisted white house has done in in treating members of congress that they need to persuade its he's it seems like he's those stena heller from goods so.

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