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Collided and went down in the crease and look down pretty hard curry, Chef slow to get up, but he'll be okay. Pace off. The Langton is right. Just over a minute left Baxter Cain gonna have his head on the swivel his defenseman when right down the boards. There was a Brady Shade went down the boards. Kane was kind of standing there. He's got to be aware of the motion from the defense of the Carolina Hurricanes. Hurricanes control off the draw. Hamilton, right point with a minute left, sends it down the boards behind the hawk. Yet here's keep battling with a whole bats it away of the left towards the brink. It's got it carries the puck. This center ice there, break it cuts in over the hurricane line with her son, and that reflects off the stick of slaving up into the protective netting behind the hurricane. Net. 45 seconds now left in regulation 33 face off the Reimers left Dougie Hamilton almost blew a wheel is he was trying to defend their that gave breaking an opportunity to move into the offensive zone. Kind of got crossed up there and almost fell down. That would have been a 211 with Dylan Strome. Strom install on the draw circle. The Reimers left Hurricane zone. And the drop of the puck. McCain's get it again. Bessie behind his net, sticks the puck up the right side glass into the hawk's own Murphy bats. All those stick away so that Keith can get the puck and Keith turns to make a pass up ice. This Mrs everybody icing called where the Blackhawks in the first period were dominating in the face off circle at 56%. Now they're down at 45%. Carolina has one draws at both ends of the ice cleanly and another face up in the same area. And Rod Brind'Amour, the head coach, quickly gets out. The right handed sentiment stall takes the defensive jars and the left defensive corner Pro check the draws in the offensive right handed corner. Tomorrow was a beast on draws in his career. Kane's controlling each is still carry over to the left corner, stopping on a dime. Headed across right circle for passing He fires kicked out of there by Lincoln and Park Place next to mine out of wraparound attempt by need a writer and Lincoln and his down with a butterfly saved And then he put the glove on top of the puck in the paint of the crease. I think if you're Jeremy Carlson, you gotta make a line change here far as who you want on the ice to the family. That's the king. We know how good offensively is. There was no defenseman out at the point there and again. Pain just kind of caught watching the puck a little bit. His defenseman had jumped down into the plate. And they have made an adjustment here. David Camp comes up to take the space office camp against Pro Checker wins a cleaning the pesky right 20 fires and it's blocked in the slot by Hig. Always squeeze the shit pants together to block It teaches players it over to the left point. Taken my slave in with a down to the left wing corner. Trow check with four Greed to Keith Wedges it away and the clock expires. And each team is going to get a point out of this 133 the score after regulation. The shots on goal for 60 minutes favor the Hurricanes 36 30. He got away 17 3rd period shots to six for the Hawks. And we.

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