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Bring us in and rip us off. For you. So hard to hear him say key Largo because that always makes me think of mar logger Largo, which is your vacation. Sorry. Yeah. Of course. Mike love apparently is like a huge Trump supporter. Sure. Oh, you're saying Chevy ruled rich white guys support Trump shit. Right. I think it's funny that like I feel like a lot of right wing people. A lot of the stuff they watch. And listen to right now is all lefty type people don't realize like every comedy, they watches, but I think for us our generation, maybe I'm a little older than you guys. But all the people I grew up watching are now all weirdly, conservative my action heroes, and my even my comedy here. It was like Sandler like anyone who wants to get a billion dollars immediately on the side that lets them keep the most Senator that billion the more money. You get the, less empathy. You surprised even see like Jim Jefferies a show where a lot of it is just like stumping for left leaning things. And I'm like, oh, let's seems particularly different from whatever. A megastar. I don't know what any of this means. I mean, if we're like if I'm a listener, maybe I'm pretty mom in this scenario. He just came up to naming places. Yeah. That's an interesting way to proposition Jamaica. Ooh, I wanna take you. I I imagine he's bringing a girl into his bedroom. And these maps up. Rubel like these pointing them out as as he's like taking off his Hawaiian shirt. I wanna take you to the small places that are easy to travel by plane, and then also Florida. Only places I'm interested in. I can totally see though that this would be like the whitest man in the world's favorite song to strip dance to. Oh, yeah. Oh, hell. Yeah. I do feel like maybe this is like I hate having my shirt on while this song. This is a shirt off song. At the at the most it's a shirt unbuttoned glasses on your leaning. Yeah. Yeah. That's my fucking vibe, dude. That's where I'm at living that cocoa Heche dead Kokomo life. That's today's hashtag Kokomo. Listen to. I like whenever I hear this song. I just instantly picture people above the age of forty five and they're all wearing sunglasses on a beach. But like, I can't see anyone below that age dancing enjoying this. This is like a cruise song. Yes. Sean plays on a cruise of dumpy swingers, it's the officials soundtrack of Royal Caribbean. The pinochle outta song Kokomo Margarita Ville. Yes. They're all spiritual sisters. All related, but I feel like this is the mid range one son and the holy you're going to go Margarita. Ville is the top. Yeah. Well, he's the one that's the billionaire. So I think he's definitely like made. I will I'll give him credit because that's on is. I mean, I don't know a lot about Rupert Holmes as other tracks. But that's not his name. Yeah. Yeah. But so I would say Jimmy Buffett. I would give him credit because all of his other sons are sort of at least in the similar genre beach boys had like really good music, then did this. And I don't know anything else that Rupert Holmes did. So it's like, I think you're right. Yeah. Nothing else. I appreciate that. The beach boys are like, okay, nothing's working for us. How we reinvent ourselves. You know, we've only really covered the California beach. Hey, guys. Look I just got back from a couple of vacations. There's beaches everywhere this every island surrounded. I wish they just went north Long Island Manhattan. Fuck. Yes, dude. I do too. You just hold up your sleeve and shuttle. Yes, because that's where I'm from an island baby. I wanna take you what island orcas island. What's in the north west? Further away from where you w island. It's a PIN w island w island per se is there at the end up. Maybe like Mercer Bainbridge one closer to Seattle probably bridge Bain beret feels like the name of someone who's a bad guy. Yeah. That's the villain from happy. Gilmore. Okay. Then what the fuck else to say that they want to take me somewhere. They wanna take you to the Florida. Oh god. Why? Aren't here. Ready?.

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