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Everybody. Welcome back to the Paul finebaum show. Ryan Mckee sitting in for Paul. I got a tweet as much as that's a millennium. Falcon time. Don't feel bad. If you didn't know that because mortgage. No, it would you say Markey says like the D says that star to death's door come on son. Well, look, I mean, look at I'm looking at it. Okay. Well, it looks like it could be the blueprints for the death star in. Now, you hold it up like that. Now, I see. I was just trying to fly mytalk across TV. I've owned a lot of pain medication because his hamstring thing. I feel like I might be impeding. My four progress today. If you want to call me, do it or us. Yeah. Torma hamstring playing an immediate softball game. I should've said she goes great picture me. Look like a really old man pitching in that softball game. I did not tearing my hamstring pitching a tour after a base lap. Hit a grounder thou trying to beat out. I m beat it out, by the way. Actually, what the second because as will happen in media softball games. Catch outdoor the first and throw it down the right field line. But I think it's a double in the in scorebook. Lines are loaded but call anyway, eight five five two four two seven two eight five eight five five two four two Paul Don in Hazel, North Carolina's online was going on. Thank you, very. Then I'm hanging out. I thought I'd throw that in. There's a lot of today percents. Hey, no problem. Listen, you know, I've heard the conversation about Holly Warlick. And I thought you did a great job. It just looked like at the end of the year that the kids weren't just playing for anymore. It just seemed like there's a detachment there. And you know, I if it was kind of sad to see that. Because I thought she did a great job. But I was thinking what your opinion would be on someone that might be a great replacement for well in the good news is the bad news is Holly has gone to good news is is that this legacy of lady vol's basketball. There are so many tremendous candidates out there. I mean, there's so many former players that are still in the coach profession, and why is because the some now I have also heard the name Jeff Walz in Louisville mentioned a lot. And quite frankly, I thought Mitch and maybe too much while Holly still had a job. But but that's those. The names that you're going to hear you're going to hear the names of of these women who played for coach summit all over the place. Kelly Harper is the name that I come back to a lot. You know, she's at Missouri state now, and and she was tremendous guard for coach summit, and and I think maybe is the right age certainly has had the right success in LA tournament. But but yeah, I gave it to you. I haven't looked. But I guarantee you the Knoxville news sentinel probably got a list right now. I got a couple of thoughts and they haven't been in the coaching around. But there tremendous players both at Tennessee and into WNBA. And that's one of them is Candace Parker. Oh, yeah. I've heard the other day that she's very articulate seems like she'd be a great coach. Of course, she was under summit when there's so well tells us I mean, she's so good as an analyst. Yeah. And then that just means you'll be great coach. I know and then Cairo Lawson what do you make of her? Oh, absolutely. Well it again. And I'll say this to you know, as I've thought a chip Kelly about this when chip was working with us at ESPN. And then he went back to UCLA..

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