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Max is like these birds scum on the but she says alah burge can't read the faces and there's a bullet was malia leading the guys on and she's like yes you know experiences super intense and extreme in yatta yati yatta and then adam start saying he says something about somehow gets it they get back to this idea that they kissed once and adams earth says like i could have just admit admitted like yeah we we were physical i know that girl we were physical and then and is a quite a minute i thought you said it was just to kiss and he's like pause everybody's looking at each other like oh he's ruining the agreement on himself and he's like a well heady kiss emily's like no sex is again was that it was a heavy heavy you know kiss thing and anti goes how do you classify sex emily is just looking at him like don't you dare sir we agreed over aside salad at chile's last night he's he's here they just hold on al anon party line i dunno never had sex don't know what i don't know what that is so then speaking of cagey than we have wesson maleo hair you guys still together as them saying either yes or no they're like weird about s and then west is like a new we or one of them says i remember was malir that they future every now and then mike okay so that means no that means they're not in the hook up occasionally but then they have the same room in new york and oba the way they're officially a couple of meant why are you guys being so who's like this is the least interesting couple on the entire show west somalia like why you being cagey even and he was getting annoyed he was like don't light amama ya because they're like well this is this what really ruined was the everybody was in our relationship a new everything so let's slide hide it sink she's hiding it says she can still keep doing sentencing anxious tottenham relationship stop don't you ever learn ya poor wes and then a atamans says iraq nam not love there and more we all know last night it was gray under a wish nothing but the best within just like alannah sag nothing but the best wish that put the best.

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