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Saw it. Walk me through that one, DK. Walk me through that one. I know in the past year I would line up on his side and then motion away. So I just tried to give him a heads up like, I'm going over here in case you wanted to come over here and join me. I wanted him to follow me the whole game. Right, and how did he take that wave? How do you take that? He threw his hands on like, oh, you traveling again, you motion in the way again, but you know, I really didn't care. Just as long as he knew how I was feeling. Did he laugh at that at some point or no, not really? He didn't. No, I don't think you laugh. I don't think he took that as a joke. Was that a plan thing or are you just like, that just came out of you? Just like, hey, come on. In the moment, like I love it. I heard the play and I knew I would go motion away. So I knew as soon as Gino sent in motion, that's what I was that's how I felt. Like, come on, I'm on your ass all day. That's basically how I felt. That is, I don't think I've ever seen that. I don't think is that the first time you've ever done that. How about that? Okay. Okay. Walk me through the game winner too. The game winner for you. Last one. Yes, sir. What happened? You know, Gino Shane, the O line, everybody that was in that drive up, got us down to the 8 yard line. And that was a well executed on Shane's part on everybody else's part. That was Anna offense. I know marquise and Tyler called big passes to get down there out of line was blocking the AFL. And so Shane called a boot and he gave me alpha leverage. So I just took the inside route. Fought him off a little bit and then just threw my hand up because I wanted the ball. And touchdown. And obviously that's a dove that you needed. What's your relationship? I know what your relationship is. Let me rephrase that. You and Gino. And how you've been able to connect this year. It's not obviously your first rodeo. He's been on the team. But this is a big year for him. And he has been big this year. What have you seen from him? And you. I mean, I've seen everything translate from the practice field to the game field and to how he lives his life. He looks at this as a second opportunity, you know, to write his own story. And he's doing it exceptionally well with everybody supporting him around the building from coaches to staff members to players. And it's just a fun to watch because I know my rookie year he got here at the same time I did and just to see the growth that he's had learning from Russ learning some shoddy learning from Shane and every everybody else in the end of his own spice to the game. And how he carried himself is just been fun to watch. Have you been in contact with Russ at all? Lately? Yes, I talked to him Tuesday. Okay. And how often do you connect with your old quarterback? I talked to him at least once a week. Once a week, if you don't mind me prime, the nature of the conversation, what do you guys talk about? I mean,

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