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The time he says part of the way i do it is if you if you watch him he's looking for a better word he and he doesn't have no no he has all the best word he's always looking for kind of a better word so hill but then he always comes back to the same ones he has no thesaurus in his head no he has all the best work at he said i that we were going to do something very it be the best it the greatest most accomplished accomplishments simplest you know he just he doesn't have a of big enough vocabulary to express himself the way he thinks he should or wants to and there let's see i think that's a finally this lawn we'll do this for you gino it's formerly called okay site opera site cryopreservation i like the sound of its egg freezing hm your female eggs we ought not cheap i want to have a baby some day this egg freezing has boomed over the last decade since two thousand nine there's been any elevenfold increase in the number of women who choose to as they say bank their their exile who during that time the american society of reproductive medicine officially removed its experimental designation they said this is not experimental anymore it success it's just what people do people do it it's conversation more women need to talk about like miscarriages and periods said florence anga 35yearold real estate broker in new york who froze her eggs this year these are really important and relevant today and now wall street is starting to take notice of the fertility industry and they're having their having these party these people are having parties egg freezing pariahs what what do you do at an egg freezing you have you have some order rubes yeah and then you are you i don't know that it's a medical procedure i can't imagine they're doing it at a party we sebi they're just celebrating the folly we serve caviar yeah now we all know freeze your eggs take control of your biological future freeze your eggs and freeze time says for chill extend for fertility an ad on instagram and currency where the party part comes in its i think it's just women getting together and talking about it and they they have these kind of information parties that are sponsored by these these entities these places the freeze egg.

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