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A real treat from a real chick fillet yes Colin right the old way as mac and cheese now somebody seems pretty excited about our mac and cheese Colin what is it about our new aside that you like so much the mac and cheese tastes like his old fresh out of the oven as if they made it just for you for your order you nailed it Colin it actually is baked right in the restaurant try the mac and cheese yourself at your local chick fillet realistically gets paid for the testimonial this is sports talk ten fifty W. DJ a ticket university of Michigan credit union is federally insured by NCUA sixty three twenty five on Presbyterian Levin fifty three to play here this ball games they should get ready for a nine three record they'll play UMass Lowell eight days before going back in the big ten play we talked a little bit scary well the one one early worth western unable to pull off the whole month of the machine that was the only road win earlier road games if you need any without number northwest cloud that night why the the the packages no one one when I got to see the credit ten but you you three known the using the big ten champion this year the regular season might have five six one five six don't be alarmed going on in the big chair like never before you know I think the the things are pretty much the balance you don't see a dominant team out there and you don't see a team right now that's a mistake can be the harm in there is going to be a you know a loss or whatever you know you got on the schedule.

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