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Conway Jr. This one has a chance it is gone. Opposite field. Brandon Belt, his second of the game, Giants go back to back swinging the ground ball to first belts got it underhanded to chat would over to cover in time, and the game is over the Giants 14th. Shutout of the season, and that should do it. 14 shutout of the season was that only four home runs Dave felt that gives a lot more four home runs in the first four innings for the Giants. Last night. They down the Mets eight Nothing the hapless Sorry, Mets. They go down yet again and the by the way, the sorry Padre. Same old race couldn't get it done against the Dodgers last night, rolling on a bullpen game against the Dodgers in the middle of a pennant race. Padres go down five to same old Dres giants on the Padre. Well, Giants and Dodgers stay right where they are. Dodgers 2.5 back of your San Francisco Giants after the Dodgers win five to Over San Diego. They've now won 14 of 16. How about that 14 to 16, and they picked up what 2.5 games. That's unbelievable. Good morning to you happy Wednesday to you, Adam coping with you in the leadoff spot as we are every weekday 5 to 6 A.m.. We're going to get in some 49 of football this morning. David Lombardi of the athletic joins me on the other side. And we should let you know about some some breaking news Early this morning. The New England Patriots have made a trade. Uh, That's Yeah. Thank you, Dave. We can We can wage this one in there to the classic. There you go. There's here's a more simple Fox Chime update. Anyway, A trade went down this morning. It sounds like her late last night. Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. The Patriots are sending running back Sony Michel to the L. A Rams. Uh, if in exchange for a couple of draft picks the Rams who lost Cam Acres, their potential starting running back, he would have been there, starting running back, probably in tandem with Malcolm Brown this year. Anyway. They now pick up their starting running back. So 40 Niner. Fans need to pay attention to that, as the Rams will have someone new in the backfield. By the time the 14 under cm Sony Michel has been a New England patriot for the last couple of years, won a Super Bowl with him so Anyway, That's a trade that goes down this morning. We'll talk to David Lombardi about a couple of the cuts. The 40 Niners made yesterday to get their roster down from 85 to 80. They do have one more cut coming up, obviously to get it down to the 53 Man roster, but the big name that comes off yesterday on the injured reserve linebacker Michael Kendricks, who David Lombardi told me yesterday actually wasn't sure but wasn't positive. He was going to make the team but now that he's on IR, you can sort of hold on to him and then figure it out down the road. Anyway, We'll get back into that In just a couple of minutes. We got to spend some time. Talking about your San Francisco Giants, who pick up their 81st win of the season yesterday and should note this with their 81st win member. We were talking at the start of the season about the Giants in their history in their franchise history. Going back to 18 83 had never had five consecutive losing seasons. 81 wins Now the 81st win yesterday means that that streak will continue since the Giants opened their ballpark. This is per carry Crowley, uh, in the Bay Area news group. And you, of course, hear him right here on KNBR. She Since 2016 of MLB's 30 franchises have had five consecutive losing seasons. You go back to like the Pittsburgh Pirates who opened up with like 10, or 12, consecutive losing seasons. To start the decade. The Cubs how many losing seasons in a row? Did they have in the midst of their rebuild? The Houston Astros? Didn't a bunch of these teams have gone on to win World Series? Obviously, the Pirates have not was actually talking to my brother yesterday, So I feel like the Pirates have been bad my entire life. You go back and look at the 2012 13 14 Pirates. The pirates the Giants knocked out in that wild card game. There's a case for those teams being at least in the regular season. Some of the best most competitive teams in all of baseball for that, like 34 year window, Edinson Volquez, Gary Cole was there, Uh Francisco Liriano, the former San Francisco giant farmhand. Uh, Andrew McCutchen was an M v P. There were guys on those teams that were pretty damn good. You look at those rosters. They just rented a Brandon Crawford in a grand slam. And the rest is history. Also Madison Bumgarner. That's part of history to anyway. It's funny that the Pirates it feels to me same sort of thing like they've been bad my entire life. But there are some, uh There are a couple of years when they've had flashes of success. However, the Giants Much more of it, considering they've never lost five considering they have not lost had five seasons of fumbling it for myself. Five consecutive losing seasons in their franchise history anyway, stays alive yesterday. Uh, some stuff we should get, too. As far as injuries are concerned, Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey. Now the game was pretty well in hand. By this point, Buster actually finish the inning, I think was the fifth inning in which the fourth inning maybe which he, uh He hurt his knee, a little knee contusion, they said, and he left with some discomfort, Gabe Kapler said after the game, not a major concern. They do expect him to be okay. If he's not okay. If he wakes up today in the examine it and they look at and they say, actually, he's going to need some time on the injured list. Chat with Trump likely to be the player recall, Joey Barton is actually on the injured list down in Triple A right now, I was actually thinking of Buster did go down and this was something serious. Be a great time to try to roll. Joey barred out. Bring him up. Bring him up for a little pennant run. But if he's heard as well, you want to make sure he's healthy before you get him back, But those are a couple of catchers that are on the 40 man roster. The other one Brandon Crawford drives in a run as part of that rally early in the game..

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