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I'm not. GonNa. Use it for that, sorry. Okay now introduced onto. Now, entering the Arena Hailing from Fond du Lac Wisconsin. Who could take down a talk faster than you can say beer? Graduate other prestigious University of Minnesota. When they heard you all over, eat because I can rule whittard. Who is not shy to shoving multiple things are mouth at once. Did you write this, Jenny? Weighing in. At one hundred and none of your. Business the lead mead Taco eating machine. any the. Giants. That's what I want with. My Nick what did I write down as? Dave. The Demolish Ryan got it okay. Who wants to start the timer. K. I'll. Hang? Timer all right? We have tacos in front of us. You can watch this on facebook live. Rule talk with a TACO eating contest on the radio thousand going to work we at ten minutes. We're going to dig in play a song a few minutes in comeback and see how the thing ends. Okay, so guys good luck any last words Jenny before you begin to set this record Davis going. Going down, good really our okay. Okay here. We go on your mark. Get set. Taco Dave is actually taking his first bite into a regular Taco right now I see the tomatoes coming out of his mouth, and not a lot too much of it is coming out at the same time. Jenny bent over still on her I talk. The Talk Taco actually shattered as she took the first very first. Taco it's okay, it's falling apart, but that's part of it. She's not letting too much of it. It fall onto the ground Dave bent over shoving the meat into his mouth. Something that you can tell he knows what he's doing. He's a thumbs up. That is going well. some people online on facebook live or saying you've got this. No, Dave better win this as gladys and I mean so team Dave. Really pumped up to see what Dave the Demolish Ryan can do with the time that he has here. I mean this isn't really neck and neck right now. I got one down Dave ads that your first one down Dave has. His first went down a report again. The first one down. Jenny also has her first one down right now. It looks like her idea is to work her way to the Dorito Shell. TACO that's going to be her fourth TACO as Dave is devouring. We should not be calling Dave. The demolish should calling Dave Devour Ryan new song to play her I got it Yep I. Have it here now halfway talking to this? Dave halfway through talk number two all day. Dave Kelsey says this is silly and. JEMMA says Dave don't breath. Bad idea, but it's OK Dave. Continuing to devour number, two were Jiang Tacos are falling. They are falling apart. The beef is extra greasy on this I can see lots of orange congealed facts on the ground beef, but that's okay, because they're going back and forth they both have sour cream. They have led us. They have tomatoes on this. They both have chosen to use the Ortega mild sauce. How much time is. One forty, two, forty, two, another's pacing I, love about this Dave already has more on his shirt. Then he does in his mouth. I see large. Spotted Grease stain on his plaid shirt, but it's okay because he's moving onto the next one, so where I think we're going to do is about thirty seconds. We're GONNA play a Louis Capacity Jammer. because. That's what we do here. On Katie WB, someone had a good point. I think that soft shells would've been easier something. That I pointed out yesterday Dave do leg having hard shells. You can't hear US part of. They're harder to each the okay I'd like. Could we turn on music if you could hit it for me and I'd like you to bite your next bite into the microphone because I haven't heard any of them. All that's a good bite by Dave. Now Jenny is now on her third TACO. Dave is also just about tim done. With Taco number three gave is just about done. Here Dave is things. The Tim volunteer with big answer. We have right now. We're at two minutes and forty five seconds, so let's see what's going to happen. You can watch US along right now on facebook, live and see what happens. Dave the demolish. Is Right now neck and neck with Jenny in the next. Okay I don't know what they said, don't worry. Louis don't forget thousand dollars giveaway at ten thirty here on Katie WBZ. Better, we're on. We're on number six right now. Dave is on number. Six is just beginning and Dave I. Think it's something that was very wise. Eating contests talk leading contest. Sorry I'm sorry. It's the Dave. Ryan show on one one point three Katie. WBZ Dave is right now in the lead. They're trying to see who can eat the most tacos in ten minutes. I'm on sex. And as they continue to eat, you can actually watch us on facebook. Live point people are pointing out. The Dave is talking more but Johnny's doing something that that's a bad move which is. each and every once in a while. She wipes her face with a Napkin, which wastes time that she has and doesn't have very much. Time left if I do, are they really that greasy slowing down I? Don't WANNA strike you out or anything, but do you think they'll go ahead and quit? I'm not a quota I'm happy that you're not a quitter, but right now we have. The Q touch the phone. I'll touch it. shoot. Locked it for me. I'm sorry. Short TACO number seven chief Dave is on number seven. Can you put up I? Do have music playing in the background, but I can't touch the buttons at the same time. Yeah, so, Dave right now. TACO, number seven Jenny. You're on number. Six's done, but Jenny. You are far behind. Is that number six? Dave talk number seven reading. That seven Jenny is trying to make seven now see this is what I was talking about earlier about making some choices, she is now waiting until she was done with six to make her seventh Taco so now she is struggling to put it together. We'll be able to do it. She only has. Two minutes, guys, two minutes left in this competition to see who will actually win as the TACO eating a champion. I mean right now. Dave almost. Wrong low I love the sound, so keep doing the south nine hundred and fifteen people now watching. On facebook live I'm so hot. I, can't I can't. I'm so hot. Yeah divers time. I feel really good I'm I'm still in like? Back Day people are saying. Go, Dave, go, Jenny! You can do this Jenny. Do this just really stick it in your mouth and don't swap. Don't just swallow us. He's going on day. Go make another one while. Also making when someone says, Dave is on number eight, Jenny. This is the time for you really to dig in. Right now we have one minute from right now is the completion date. Are you going to do tortoise and the hair? You're gonNA, sit back. What number are you on right nowadays? Bird! You're gonNA always one more. How do you feel physically right now? You feel woozy. You feel strong. That's good because good White Jenny. You're going to need to really make something happen here. Jenny made her way over to the pot. obeef Andy Ortega where she is trying to come back. So if Johnny if you eat this Taco? In the next forty sack thirty, second..

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