Harvey, Texans, Bengals discussed on GameNight


Cushing who saw just nine snaps in relief on sunday said this is a team that now this is about the last thing they wanted to here in with the texans that are the the qb situation is up in the air i know in targeted so my friends in use them they're just hoping shawn watson determine and saved the day but when you start off with all the emotion that they had on sunday and you play the way that they did at home for an all those fans it so badly wanted to get their minds of what had happened with the hurricane harvey and all the the destruction that's going on in that city once you get into a whole in owed to auto threehole at the beginning of the season so few teams are able to bounce back and if you're houston you have got to find some way to to the right the ship here in and this is the last thing they needed but uh i'm with you if they don't get it turned around him your you're at a point right now with all their other injury concerns in the question marks the at the major positions than what's going to happen next i think there are at that point already this critical point in week two of a long season yeah let's talk about actually the thursday night football game tomorrow and our expectations because last night meena filled in and we kind of had a chat about which quarterbacks we didn't wanna make too many assumptions about based on weak one but when you look at the texans and the way that they lost and the question they have the quarterback position and now pushing out this is a team that it's hard to expect much better now he can't get much worse and the bangles did arles alone the bengals it also lose their weak one game um but you know this offensive line makes questions about who to start at quarterback much more complicated right because you've traded up to get clemson quarterback to shawn watson you've originally stayed true to the to the claim that you wanted tom savage to start to have his experience to have this millier de what the offense in place and.

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