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Own purposes for, making bread for his own family for feeding his own cattle he grew more wheat than the. Regulators in Washington DC, has said we're allowed to him and he was prosecuted for exceeding the wheat quotas on his own farm even though everybody admitted none of, his week was going to enter the market because, it was all being used on his own farm. And and he was prosecuted it went all the way at the, supreme court and the supreme court upheld the act of congress because, if he had all sorts of farmers growing their own week then they, wouldn't need to buy wheat on the Interstate market and that would have. An effect on the economy and therefore undermine Congress's policy of of, limiting the amount of week could be grown so Stay upheld this. Thing you know your your audience may. Make you know, they could they could do a web search and find a a TV. Video clip that reason TV did some years ago called week. We'd and ObamaCare which I'm an interview. And go through the whole transformation of, the commerce power is a fairly limited power to go to the power we now know it to be over, the court tells us it is today which is the power. Of, congress and, worse unelected bureaucrats and administrative agencies to regulate. Every aspect of the economy and hence every aspect of our. Lives that, they want, to well you know that's. That's how I feel about it too I look at it this and it's very discouraging to me. I mean one thing one thing that has survived this change in the ObamaCare issue is all of the regulations that, are put upon the medical organization so most people the spending time filling out forms as opposed to seeing patients in that leads me. To Question I know I haven't got much time to cover this. Vast subject but isn't part of the problem. That law has moved off the standard, it seemed to me. When I was younger studying in school we always went back to the natural law. We went back to some God given. Rights unalienable inalienable, rights and it seems now there's no reference to a standard so obviously. If there's no standard everything can run all over the place. Can you come on that that's right. I mean and this is this is, part of the mission of the Claremont institute having to recover the principles of the American founding and and where, do we find those principles we've not most in the constitution. But, in the, prior document the declaration of independence and so. There are a couple of very important principles they're what Thomas. Jefferson said, wrote as, self evident truth that all. Men all human beings are created equal and and a consequence of that self evident truth is that. None of us have the authority to rule in other without that other person's consent so government based on Inset which means elections is necessary. And then the representatives are only allowed to exercise the powers that are, given to them by the consent, of the people this is the entire infrastructure of our constitutional system of government and then the second piece of that is the reason we have. Those governments by consent Not to do whatever they want but to secure the. Unalienable rights that every citizen has directly from their creator those rights we. Have come prior to government, from a higher? Power they're not gifts to to us from government felt securing those individual rights, puts natural constraints on the. Exercise of governmental power we no longer as a society except those two basic propositions it's now become the majority view that. Government can do whatever it wants if it further some agenda. What have you and that's not what the foundation cornerstones of our system of government are Yeah the failed to look at the very word that you use consent You know it means an election yes. But it means an election that agrees with what it. Is they're doing you can't just get consent because. You voted for me now I can do anything I wanna to do I find this so so troubling and I really don't know where. We're going to, go with this except that we have to do something and so again we're coming up to a break and we, only got a few minutes left in the last segment of. The show but, I'd like you to tell us what we can do how do you what do you suggest that we do to help or two more. Informed or somehow get, us back to both the constitution in its predecessor so thanks for listening everybody in stick with us because I think. We're, going to hear.

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