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Shop now and you get all that summer collection stuff for you. Let's and this show this. So this mission twenty-seven book came out, it's by Mark fines, and Brian Hoke. Big Yankees beat writer as got some crazy stories. Hopefully, we'll have one of these guys on the show some point soon to tell us more. But this a-rod birthday party is what's really apparently brought the entire two thousand nineteen together. It's that's the it wasn't a Rod's like God mode postseason run. It wasn't cici's. Dominant pitching wasn't the bullpen. Demoss Amore tail and Mary. Oh, no. It was just two thousand nine birthday party for a Rod's thirty fourth. I think it was. And it basically brought everyone together the big getting out of it. Jay z apparently was a basic coach for this team. He was with ten twenty four seven. I knew he like was big. But it sound like he was with the team every single day, which is kind of cool, obviously, he sees best friend rock nation all that. But the. Main point, how this David Robertson's just a loser. I hate Davor like we kind of touched on it where, you know, there was the story in the off season that he wanted to cut out people from the playoff shares. We I do think that was say we didn't know how legit that was and stuff. But then you hear this, too. It's like what a I mean that's coming from me. But like if you're if everyone else on the team is jumping into the pool like just like eight like whoever it was sending the book he's going to buy you, a new like don't like fat. He was getting actually upset when they're trying to push him in stuff is like, come on. So the background here, the moment, they get their all their CC and Burnett who seemed to be like these big pranksters, and they were just like yo we're all jumping in the pool with our clothes on at some point at this party. I don't know. Burnett burnett. Seems like a good guy party with. He seems like a it seemed like he he throat great barbecue. But deep barbecue would quickly get like. Outta hand. Yeah. Like off the rails costs might be called and Pernet. They were trying to, you know, plan this whole thing, and eventually a-rod I gotta jump in the pool which was like the shocked everybody with everything on, which is such a rich guy move, like, dude, if we're jumping into pool the other, and we've closed on taking my phone outsing. Oh, like on, I don't even know if Joe but in the pool that point, but I mean, they all jump in with everything on and everyone's in the pool like all the wives all the players. And then there's just David Robertson. So here's what they say, David Robertson was balking. He was actually upset. This is from Kevin long Kevin long. He was very upset..

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