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Little shit kid. That's what what block but at some point you look over like not slacking soft walk all over them. Not saying you've got to bite him. Give a growl. Snap the jaws. Let him know what he's dealing with. My i'd love to have a dog again. I always wanted a bulldog. But i just can't imagine having a bulldog in this heat out here as a worry about. Don't bulldogs have bad hips. And they start to fall apart. After that says german shepherds got the bad hips the the bulldogs some flap in the them out. You gotta get it removed. It's like they were genetically mute. They created by people with lots of breeding. And then they've got some flaw. That makes their life a living. Hell don't they yeah they. I don't know. I really would love to have somebody explained to me how you breed a wolf down to a bulldog for these specific job of want. They like the bite a bully in the nose. I don't know the half my knowledge was given to in a barroom. I don't know what it's like. This dog like the fox how they like bread it so it could be like with the pointy snout in long body so he could go down the fucking hole and get the goddamn thing or something like that. Yeah it's like how do you how blocking perverted are you. If you're sick if you think of like a german scientists you know thinking about how we're going to breed this down we're gonna get this amp so that it has a long thin paws reach into a window and grab a jewel you know they. It's amazing. I bet if that dog over at the legs on that dog that dog fuck.

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