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Steve pool with a forecast otherwise it's not too bad i mean we do have some rain showers out there kind of lingering a little bit especially for you folks up there in northern reaches say from all the way up to the board who got a little bit of a convergence ongoing for you folks overnight low temperatures not too bad that'll be somewhere around the upper thirty s and highs tomorrow should be around fifty degrees or so maybe a little above a little below depending on where you live but the overall picture is not too bad we are still going to see some showers around but i think we'll see a few pigs at the son and of course some clouds as well looking farther out to the easter weekend it doesn't look too bad either so yeah keep your fingers crossed week may be dry for all of our easter egg hunts in the komo weather center i'm steve pool this hour fifty degrees appears county delivery driver mauled by a pack of pit bulls last fall is devastated kevin back watts the owners of the four dogs held accountable but charges won't be filed komo's jennifer sullivan has more of backlands recovery and his court battle is lucky to be alive the fight was on and it wasn't just the fight it was the fight of my life the ups driver was attacked by four snarling and snapping pit bulls last september he remains off work back has tried to remain positive but his lawyer says he was too upset to talk he's angry that pierce county prosecutors are declining to file charges he wants to see these owners held responsible he thinks it was easily preventable that they knew that these dogs were trained to attack people the pierce county prosecutor's office said to file charges they needed to prove the owners knew the dogs were dangerous in a statement they said quote the deputy prosecutor who handled the case said that law enforced couldn't find evidence of a prior incident battling claims he didn't see signs warning of dangerous animals winnie entered the puyallup property once inside the gate he kicked punched in scrambled to higher ground retreat it was ongoing and they all in attack it wasn't.

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