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Sorry are obscure referee wrestling watching nitro i've seen some night there's a lot to watch what are you going to happen in this kenny cody match well from what i understand they can't let cody win 'cause then kenny wouldn't have the belt that's what you understand from looking at something reading something that's what i'm going into the mat you have your own story that's my story is okay all right so then what's going to happen kenny's gonna win kenny always wins because he's the best super good looking he's got really cool hair it's interesting it's different but it's still works cody stinks night doesn't actually he's chirc super wife though what's her name yeah i know her last name roads well play yeah ran re row do you know what her name was what you might even asking this what do you know where her name was when she was at announcer wwe it wasn't brandy roads edens styles does that ring a bell which she associated with aj oh i love how excited you to go aj silence to cody rhodes they definitely have the same last name thom rob everyone out here of the ability to see his face thought that she was that was great man i'm actor i can recruit what did i say eden stiles which she with the stilo back to one we're going with the first take role rehearsal what is it tom what is are there little kids stuck in the foundation of the couch so many people sit and watch wrestling for over two hours at the cow palace it's gotta be haunted right oh yeah absolutely tons a little kids spirits and if you ever seen horror movie you know they're the scary like when you're waiting in line for the bathroom like furrow while you're going to be waiting for a while for that men's room there's just one got the pull chain and that's a pretty tight building there's one meanwhile the ladies room there will be like talking having a cocktail party with unlimited conveniences everywhere but if you see a little kid like come up to you all you wait in line like excuse me so you're like really take a look at his clothes he's wearing clothes from a different era ghost yeah i also feel like if any of you guys actually have business in the concourse during the show and you see tom wandering around maybe we'll provide the section of the road so that you can be delivered back to us because you probably be doing laps at a point i always taking nice walk to people want to look at this get away from a lot of rest but what about the experience of being with vincent and myself guys it's been five years i've had that experience a lot and you know there's only you know it's new people you can look walk around see them a lot of bullet club shirts so there's zero princeton there's no friendship speak of this there's solid acquaintance wow i've been watching wrestling with vince for ten plus years keeps getting better every single time you do it not to mention the factor talking to it that guy here beatles yes line was from beetlejuice that might play in the top's apartment that's not gonna play here this is the last permanent show right now is it we that we've seen so much wrestling together you know granted we're getting fucked up in the parking lot but it was like i still know how the parking yeah but i mean i didn't even remember that we went to see the bash at eight oh yeah in nassau that's why i was right if you know that like you should know that you should know that but like that bash you know wait it was a paper view is at the nassau coliseum and it was like it took a what like like a minute of me looking at the card and really thinking about like holy fucking shit we went to that show and i remember nothing about it i remember us like getting stoned getting shady in the parking lot walking to the venue and that's it also at nasa they cook those pretzels on a grocery cart and whatever chemicals are happening it's one of the most alicia top rentals euler i don't know what is.

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