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That's where things turned for the bears who have also been perpetually looking for a quarterback elk hyper matt miller to people. I really trust experts. In the scouting. Division had justin feels second rink quarterback their second ring quarterback. So i i think this buys matt nagy ryan pace another year now. The question has turned into. Does he start right away. if he's able to earn it. Does he start right away. And that's a that's a big question going. I don't know if i want. Justin fields right out of the gate just to be the guy i would like for him to ease himself into it but i start finding myself thinking over the weekend if he does start right out. The gate does that by now. Nagy and ryan pace another year. Don't is it bad even putting myself in that situation now. I'm thinking about like is it about are you doing. What's best for the player. Justin fields are you doing. What's best interest of matt nagy ryan pace to make. Sure that hey. We gave a rookie start. We gave them everything. You need a quarterback on anti-doping. Who's there to help them out. But it's gonna take some time guys but that'd be patient the thing would chicago. Chicago's the football team. So you're not putting. This is in jacksonville. This is a playoff team. So to take a young quarterback that has the ability to do some things and can learn out the gate. I wouldn't mind starting him immediately if he wins the job because they got pieces in place especially on defense. Offensively they've gotten better allah robinson's back. Now when you look at it and it's like that's exactly what might make sense if he if he wins the job and make sisters but see. this is what. I wonder if there's going to be enough patience though. Because i the things about chicago is just like any big market city. You have to come out before your fan base kind of starts turning against you. You know what. I mean. I i mean. I'm glad you said that because that actually is something that has already become the discussion. There matt nagy. The head coach of the bears did talk about the first of all fields has talked about. He has no pressure on him. Which i think is a bit naive. You always have pressure on you when you're when the moves up you've got jobs on the line now and you've got everybody now and testing. You're going to be great sooner rather than later. But nagy talked about how the decision to start feels with all the momentum. Now of oh. We can't wait to see this kid. He said the decision that that will come when everybody knows. It's time all star him. We'll see take listen when you come in here. You do everything you can to be the best quarterback you can be whether it's the meeting room or whether it's in practice and everything also take care of itself in an all of those guys are going to do it. You know we just gotta decide then when we get to that point how. How is he developing. And how's everybody doing and really keep it as honest as possible with all of those guys and then When the time is right. I promise you. Every single person will know Including justin when it's the right time at that straight talk talk wireless no contract no compromise so the right time you say will be an aug jay. Do you think it'll have to be it has to be immediate or could it happen during the season. Well so if they lose three or four games and andy dolan. I mean is that putting. Is that putting matt nagy ryan pace in a good light with you considering everything that's happened like why aren't you. Just starting justin feels like that. Is the narrative right. Now that is i all. My boys is whole week in chicago. Talk about he's gonna start. He asked to start. And i think that buys matt ryan pace another year because he is gonna. He is going to start the game. I don't see how you can't start justin fields where think you'd move up to get him at eleven. And if if matt nagy is to andy reid in any case it. Think about andy reid history. He has no problem. Playing young quarterback just doesn't when he had donovan mcnabb he went down and mcnabb took snaps immediately conversation. Obviously that we won't really have an answer for until we get into the season. But there's other quarterbacks and other teams as well that we can talk about including the patriots. This begin their perpetual search quarterback. A conversation will continue throughout the day. Eight say espn eight. Eight seven to nine three seven seven six. If you have a team and a quarterback situation that you feel like might have ended the perpetual search. Meanwhile in the nba. The lakers take your lakers. Keyshawn have lost six of seven and now lebron's who left the game with some ankle. Soreness oh god we go..

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