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Get sort of a choice i mean that's the thing with grad school gives you another bite at the apple like if you decide this what am i good friends from growing up went to villanova for undergrad he had like a decent enough experience but he he's always been like a you know spiritually a pretty republican guy i think he's he's moved libertarian now but he went to the university of alabama for law school and now lives and makes beer in fair hope alabama and it's extremely happy and like he was happy when villanova won national championship and everything like that but he's like he went to law school at the university of alabama because he's got family there but also because like the dude really wanted to cheer for alabama football and this was a really good excuse to do it like i think he would tell you that that was like a that factored in the decision it's a terrible reason to choose a loss yet but do you run a craft brewery and fair hope alabama now but tell them to send us beer jim one congratulations yeah jim please beer he is living his best life this is donald trump question of the week it's from adam it says what if donald trump kills kim jong un at the summit it has to have crossed his mind right claude of this movie right it is the james franco yeah is it oh i can't remember what movie was the interview they interview oh does he kill a minute he's supposed to i don't know if he does actually nobody ever saw that movie which is funny because it led to the big studio hack of the sony studios and yet the movie made like a hundred and seventy five dollars ninety completely forgotten about it well i think it has to have crossed his mind greenwell oh for sure yes or like pick a fight with him i could see trump doing that he doesn't want to kill him but he wants to get into like the most immature like playground fight with him just so he can show he's like bigger and stronger.

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