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O. D. the legion a dump right I I was able to get that Ryan early I was able to get Ben Roethlisberger few rounds later I like having two quarterbacks with an option to go between them I like seeing you get a bad match up I'm gonna play the either the hot hand or the better match at Russell Wilson and Jack C. same sort of thing Saddam Brady I think when it when it was time to maybe pick him he was around I have the option of him Philip rivers who is going to be out there slinger rivers is a is a CPAP machine is a stack machine once again from working for pass yards in but what a win a championship or an AFC title game Tom Brady's bye guys I want to go out there and put up some fantasy fantasy points Phil rivers might be the guy to go with your call I miss you this an issue this is so who would you start if you had who'd you start Brady Roethlisberger this week and are playing against each other you know this week I'm I'm gonna go I've been rather Matt Ryan and he's the quarterback I wrote down to let's have that discussion I have that right and I've got big bad Matt Ryan playing at the Minnesota Vikings this week the like that's tough match up don't like that save your roses getting burned all pre season some people skeptical about the the Vikings are the Steelers and homes we know they're playing at Foxboro and a lot of people are picking the Steelers to win this game paper it's a five and a half point favorite coming into the week but and we were joking about this on the morning show today patriots every September come out lose a couple games are like two into having and I everyone's like the wheels are coming all the way to oil it's a little bit. and the like F. you guys were going twelve and four totally rattle off for the next ten games or whatever it is no question I I do think that rob this burger who's just been a monster get we talked about this last week that Pat Holmes was the lead pastor in the touchdown thrower Ben Roethlisberger led the league in passing yards last year right now can you do it again without a be just you just miss Schuster Scott James Connor back there so there's a bill wide receiver I picked of late Washington's as we're talking about Dante Moncrief Donte Moncrief for the steel is a victim of the late and I'm thinking Hey he's gonna be opposite because I looked at the death star he's listed as a starter series opposite ju ju so you're running your Dick is going through the a league wide receiver with that run Ostad yes yeah yes and the fact that you know ju ju who will be the main focus and defensively held they'll have the all eyes on him so I I picked up my and also the first year where he's played for Roethlisberger so maybe there's a connection there and I've been trying to become something maybe second half of the year lockers at some success I think he was a patent past if he was a cold in the past it was a cold call these people some good really quarterbacks again at that Roethlisberger's one of these guys were you put a wide receiver with any like had never acted before right now all of a sudden he's good happens with Brady all the time only happens with you see with with a lead quarterback there they make mediocre or average wide receivers look better and again in a year were ju ju now will not be the number two guy with the focal point who wanted to any brown it'll be interesting to see can he keep up that level of success when you had a great year for your nominal since he's a number one he only had a he had about I think how they are touch on that AB had but he had a fifteen touchdowns yeah so I think he has seven or eight but he's still I think he might have even eclipse AB in yardage and I had a monster years I think too she was gonna have a damn good year this year I I I don't know I feel good I feel good about the Steelers in general this year let's I think Conor's give me a break out here I think the ace in the AFC north is a division that I think every o'connor. does he need to break out in a huge season last year Sir within for lady on but I'm with you I think a lot of people because of the star power the Browns the Browns are gonna come out with a division I guess the Browns finishing third place ma'am yeah I got the ravens are the Steelers winning that division I know nobody's trusted Lamar Jackson or Gus the bus remarking room back there I love that offense and the defense for the Baltimore Ravens are they don't pass the ball much if you got what bills need the fourth on your team is probably not gonna catch a lot of touchdowns from Walmart the team is competitive the Steelers are gonna be tough Lamar SO roll the dice man I had him at the end of the season last year when he was actually running like all over the field is a sustainable for sixteen games right now I don't know that that I mean if yeah nothing more and nothing hurts more than having a quarterback we're running back for that matter come out in early in a game right and lay down and you just hang in a zero for the rest of the weekend that's a that's a tough one to swallow I got one more wide receiver or throw you know and then I want to ask you a couple Starnes it's and what about this guy because he had drafted a lot of leagues he's returned to Philadelphia now is gonna play with Carson Wentz he's a great deep ball Freddie was on a league wide receiver of course at cal then with Philly Washington back to Philly talking about to Sean Jackson the jacks right I love the staff had this guy multiple times in fantasy football he's a guy who when he catches a seventy five yard touchdown yeah he's a lead but he's not a volume. the feast or famine guy well he's a feast guy when he plays against his former team so this week internet interested it is not now remember he was drafted by Philadelphia he made a huge deal when he left for Washington went back to Philly and got to play some games there you're looking at games he's played as a member of the Washington Redskins against the eagles go back to twenty fourteen again now he's back with the eagles but he's playing Washington this week where's that game in Washington or in Philly I thank him is in Philly some openings there and want to show up and show off and show up his former teammates in Washington so I'll toward a run down these numbers as a member of the Washington Redskins against the eagles played six games in those games scan one five in one over the last four seasons which is pretty impressive in and of itself and he was targeted forty times he caught twenty four passes for five hundred sixty nine yards three touchdowns so in a number of games he was targeted multiple times I I mean I'm talking for for for a hundred and twenty yards three for for a hundred and two yards in four of the six games he played against the eagles as a member of the red skins had over a hundred yards in three different games had a touchdown so again he's not playing with a better quarterback rating Carson Wentz he's a deep ball threat and I was looking at him thinking if Antonio brown doesn't go this week I've got to make a decision by really by Sunday musher old non hunter Renfroe rate which is sort of a long shot that he would've been drafted and ready to stash them on your badge I was looking to Sean Jackson is my slot in guy is gonna be a flex option for me sure but I was looking at him as a slot in for Antonio brown is it W. or two that's a great call Thursday that's a great cost issue with the I. those numbers are astounding sound yeah so who are you I think you started why don't know who I would play him over I'm looking at my league right now so I've got Antonio brown in there as a as a starter and I think I'm gonna leave him in there because it I say again you and I just. playing this week if he's gonna play he's my dad but I look at the rest of my wide receivers I can't start over Adam feeling now that I'm dealing as my dental or two and I and I get out of the. himself in the second straight year the is a legit number one receiver volume die any fines Ian's own feeling feeling. don't forget the the I had the heads up or what we call a heads up no no he. one is failing my next by the way on the other side and I don't know that I can start over James what I like the volume from James White but I do think if you're out there looking as a flex option to Sean Jackson could be a big one this will call also on the other side as one of the start and says to the public I want to throw you out yes so let me ask you this would you do Calvin Ridley. or Philip Lindsey as a as a flex option yes Phil Lizzie's Addo Clinton okay cal really is at Minnesota I'm going to fill Lindsey we just talked about this he's gonna be the number one running back not in Denver always like a guy who you can guarantee is gonna get cares I also in Denver is gonna win this game I've lived in my line of right now leave him in there don't mess with okay I don't over think this what I think is a Lindsay you got good value on him he's a starting running back which are hard to come by in this league I know he's going to get a give way to divide the freemen and Royce that is Royce Freeman and divine not the vaunted Freeman demonte Booker divided divided at Adams and every minute. to find a book or the other running back out there and you get Royce Freeman I'm on a roll with that I'm a role with feelings either you may find the end zone with them also if they're up late they're gonna be eight air of all of it to melt some of that because I do think cal really is going to have a good year again I think is a great great honor to be in you know the second guy behind Julio you got your flex right now my flex is it fill in the right now so who's your RB two five Joan Hickson and sorry Michelle and that's a damn good running back. you're still a pretty good I'm going to Lindsey Vonn you now same team wide receivers no no the the quarterbacks okay and I I I think I might get just instantly says you're helping you in the league that I'm competing against you in your area. yeah. well I see you guys to write your Calvin Reid the effort that's nice. drew Brees or desk okay now on paper a good drew Brees all die all day all day but then I think about desk okay that's that whole against the giants through breezes that hold against the Texans yeah I don't I mean Houston is solid on demand yeah they are I think it'll be tough to forget that you ship JBL cloudy out of town as well right I'm gonna go injuries yeah I I I don't you yeah you get your breeze played at home in the Superdome you gotta go with you took the when you took any drafted or were you drafted him but my whole thing is what's going to help you sleep better right right if you've got a decision like this if you run this is my holding a player. I'll sleep okay right if I play drew Brees any comes and hangs like twelve points. and dak Prescott goes for twenty five if if I start dak injuries goes for twenty five and that goes for twelve I would never forgive myself I totally what were you thinking starting dak Prescott you're over thinking the match of its week what I'm going to also do you that I love that and do you also.

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